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Hydraulic Rubber Hose SAE 100R7/SAE 100R8 | Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose


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The thermoplastic hydraulic hose is the widely applied hydraulic hose for hydraulic systems. 

Here we have 2 types of thermoplastic hydraulic hoses, SAE 100R7, and SAE 100R8

Today I am happy to share with you all about the thermoplastic hose. 

SAE 100R7/SAE 100R8

We are the thermoplastic hose manufacturer located in China, and we can manufacture the thermoplastic hydraulic hose with top-rated quality, and here are 2 thermoplastic hoses, including SAE 100R7, and SAE 100R8.

SAE 100R7 SAE 100R8
SAE 100R7 SAE 100R8

The thermoplastic hydraulic hose is designed for delivering synthetic, petroleum, or water-based hydraulic fluids, and it is mainly used in high-pressure working conditions.

It is composed of three parts: inner tube, reinforcement, and outer cover. (the thermoplastic hose structure is similar to regular hydraulic hoses). Oil resistant seamless thermoplastic Polyamide (PA) tube.

  • Inner tube: The tube is made from high-quality hydraulic fluids resistant thermoplastic, making the hose widely used for the delivery of hydraulic fluids.
  • Reinforcement: The reinforcement is made from suitable synthetic fiber. One or two layers of braided high tensile aramid fiber
  • Outer cover: The cover of the thermoplastic hose is made of thermoplastic material Nylon, making the hose have a longer service life. Black high abrasion resistant polyurethane.

The temperature range is -40℃ (-104 ℉ ) to +100℃(+212 ℉). 

Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose Application

Medium pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Meets or exceeds SAE 100R8 requirements. For pneumatic or gaseous systems, use a perforated (pin-pricked) hose.

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