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Air Hose manufacturer

Kingdaflex is the leading air hose manufacturer, that can provide the wholesale pvc air hose for you to convey the air to the tools, such as air tools, or air compressors for your project. Welcome to quote the qualified air hose from us now. 

Trending air hoses for air deliver

  • The air compressor hose can be manufactured with various colors, and you can get the trending colored air hoses, such as black air hose, yellow air hose, red air hose and etc. 
  • Air compressor hose is super lightweight, easy for you to handle it for the uses.
  •  Our compressor hose is reinforced during manufacturing process to enhance the durability to withstand the tough working conditions. 
  • The lengths can be customized according to your requirements.

Special features

pink air compressor hose

Various Colors

The air hose is made of premium PVC material, that can be manufactured with different colors.

lightweight air hose


Air hose is made of PVC material, super lightweight and flexible that you can layout it anywhere you need.

air compressor hose with different lengths

Different Lengths

The air hoses can be customized with different lengths, and welcome to contact us now to get your desired lengths.

durable air hose


PVC air hose is super durable, that can used for a very long time. Premium raw material can ensure the highest quality.


Inch Size

Metric SizeLengthMAX.W.P.MAX.B.P.



At 23℃























Air hose manufacturer

Kingdaflex is the hose manufacturer that has big ability to provide wholesale air compressor hose at the competitive prices. We can manufacture the air hoses to satisfy your desired lengths, diameters, colors and etc. If any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

air hose on reel

air hose on reel

Kingdaflex is providing all-in-one air hose solution, and the air hose with reel is convenient for the air hose storage. And you can manage your air hoses by coiling it on the air hose reel. Get the reel retractable for air hose now to store your air hose properly. 

Why Use air hose


The Pneumatic resources are much cleaner than hydraulics, also easy to clean up if needed.

Easy to Install

Compared with other devices, it's much easier for you to install the air hose, because most industrial facilities have the air compressor.

Long-term Money Saving

The air compressor hose needs less maintenance, compared with the hydraulic equipment.

High Speed

The air compressor hose can deliver the air for the equipment, and the air can be transferred at a high speed.

air compressor hose black

Private Label

Kingdaflex can customize the air compressor hose with your private label on the tubing surface.

More than Air Hose

blue air hose

Air Hose Reels

You can get the reel for air hose to store it properly, and we can customize the air hose reels for you.

air hose for compressor

Air hose packing

We can provide various packing methods before loading air hoses on the shipping container.

air compressor hose kit

Air hose kit

Here is the air hose kit, including many basic tools for the air hose installation and maintenance.

custom air hose

Free Design

Our experienced designer team can provide free design service for your air hose customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

An air hose is the device to deliver the air to the air tools or air compressor. The air hose is widely used for the air compressor for the machinery or other equipment. 

The air hose is made PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and also rubber air hose in the market. You can choose different types of air hose to meet your requirement for your working conditions. 

PVC is the synthetic plastic polymer, and PVC air hose is commonly used in the household and industrial products, and rubber air hose is commonly used for the industrial fields, such as application parts, heavy-duty machineries, automobiles and etc. 

The air hose is used to transfer the compressed air to the cylinders and vacuum pumps. It can provide the power to the engined machinery to ensure it can work normally, and you can apply the air hose for many fields, such as for agriculture, mining, drilling and etc. 

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