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Packaging & Shipping

Hydraulic hose packaging methods

Before loading hydraulic hoses onto a container for shipment, the following packaging methods are commonly used: Here are some trending hydraulic hose packaging methods that we can provide to satisfy your requirement. 

coil hydraulic hose

Coil Packaging

Coiling method involves coiling the hydraulic hoses and securing them with zip ties or bands. The coiled hoses are then placed in cardboard or plastic boxes, with appropriate cushioning or padding between layers to prevent tangling and damage during transit.

hydraulic hose pallet

Bundle Packaging

Hydraulic hoses are arranged on a pallet, either individually or in bundles. They are secured with strapping or stretch wrap to hold them in place. Pallet packaging provides stability, facilitates forklift handling, and protects the hoses from damage during loading, unloading, and transportation.

hydraulic hose wrap

Customized Packaging

Depending on specific requirements, customized packaging solutions may be employed. This could include using specialized crates, foam inserts, or custom-sized boxes to accommodate unique hose dimensions or fragile components. Customized packaging helps to ensure the integrity and protection of the hydraulic hoses during the shipping process.

kingdaflex hydraulic hose