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Pressure Washer Jet Hose | Hydraulic Hose

Tube: Temperature resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: One or two high tensile steel wire braid

Cover: Abrasion and weather resistant synthetic rubber

Temperature range: -40°C to +150°C

Product Name Hose I.D. Hose O.D. Working Pressure  Burst Pressure Min Bend Radius Weight
DN mm Inch mm Mpa psi Mpa psi mm g/m
Jet Wash 1W 6 6.4 1/4” 12.7 25 3600 90 13050 100 0.220
Jet Wash 1W 8 7.9 5/16” 14.4 25 3600 85 12325 115 0.260
Jet Wash 1W 10 9.5 3/8” 16.5 25 3600 82 11890 130 0.335
Jet Wash 1W 12 12.7 1/2” 19.5 25 3600 70 10150 180 0.410
Jet Wash 2W 6 6.4 1/4” 14.3 40 5800 160 23200 100 0.380
Jet Wash 2W 8 7.9 5/16” 16.2 40 5800 140 20300 115 0.435
Jet Wash 2W 10 9.5 3/8” 18.3 40 5800 130 18850 130 0.550
Jet Wash 2W 12 12.7 1/2” 21.3 40 5800 120 17400 180 0.640
What is a pressure washer jet hose?

A pressure washer jet hose is a specialized hose designed to connect your pressure washer to the spray gun and deliver high-pressure water to the surface you want to clean.

The primary purpose of a pressure washer jet hose is to transport pressurized water from the machine to the cleaning nozzle. It allows you to clean surfaces effectively by using the force of high-pressure water.

Important features include the hose material (preferably rubber or PVC), length for versatility, pressure rating that matches your pressure washer, and quality connectors and fittings for secure connections.

The hose diameter affects the water flow rate and, consequently, the cleaning power of your pressure washer. Smaller diameters are suitable for light-duty tasks, while larger diameters are ideal for heavy-duty cleaning.

It’s essential to use a hose specifically designed for pressure washers. Regular garden hoses are not built to withstand the high-pressure water flow and could burst under the pressure.

Pressure washer jet hoses come in various diameters, including small (1/4 inch), medium (5/16 to 3/8 inches), and large (1/2 inch or more). The choice depends on your cleaning needs.

Consider the type of cleaning you’ll be doing. For residential use, a medium-diameter hose is suitable, while commercial and industrial applications may require larger, high-pressure hoses.

Yes, you can use hose extensions to increase the length of your hose. However, keep in mind that longer hoses can reduce water pressure, affecting cleaning performance.

Regularly inspect your hose for any signs of damage, such as cracks or leaks. Rinse it after each use to remove debris and store it properly coiled to prevent kinks.

Always wear appropriate safety gear, including goggles and gloves, to protect yourself from high-pressure water spray. Avoid pointing the spray nozzle at people, animals, or fragile objects.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory is compounded with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

We value quality in all of our processes. We ensure that our hydraulic hoses can withstand the toughest environmental stresses.

The entire production link of our hydraulic hose takes place in our factory, to ensure the quality of each rubber tube, and a 99.99% on-time delivery rate.

If you have special requirements for the performance of rubber hose, you can contact us, we provide a variety of customized services.

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