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Colored PVC Air Brake Hose

Color air brake hoses are a type of hose used in air brake systems on vehicles such as trucks and buses. These hoses are color-coded to indicate their intended use and help prevent errors during installation and maintenance. Order the bulk air brake hoses here from Kingdaflex.

Colored Air Brake Hose Features

  • Color-coded design to prevent incorrect hook-ups
  • Interwoven spirals for greater flexibility and improved twist resistance
  • Fully bonded layers to enhance kink resistance, allowing for tighter bends
  • Rugged elastomeric hose cover that resists gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and commonly used road and cleaning chemicals
  • Perforations in some sizes to allow moisture to escape from the reinforcement layer
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Designed for operating pressures up to 225 psi
  • Operating temperature of -40˚F to +200˚F (-40˚C to +93˚C)
  • Suitable for use with factory-assembled, permanently attached fittings or with field-attachable, reusable fittings
  • Meets or exceeds SAE J1402 – Type A
  • Meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS No. 106 – Brake Hoses, 49 CFR 571.106
  • Compatible with a wide range of end-fittings (consult our complete Brass section for details)

air brake hose color code

Here are many different air brake hose colors, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow. Other air brake hose colors can be customized to meet your requirement for your project. Feel free to contact us at any time if you are looking for the color-coded air brake hoses. 

purple air brake hose

Purple air brake hose

red air brake hose

red air brake hose

green air brake hose

green air brake hose

yellow air brake hose

Yellow air brake hose

colored air brake hoses

multiple air brake hose colors

black air brake hose

Black air brake hose

air brake hose application

air brake hose Application

An air brake hose tube is a type of tubing that is specifically designed to be used in mobile air brake and auxiliary systems, such as those found in trucks and trailers. 

air brake hose Color code for different working conditions

air brake hose Color Code

Compared with the regular air brake hose, color-coded air brake hoses are used in the transportation industry to help identify the various functions of different hoses. Here are the common color codes used for air brake hoses:

  • Black: This color is typically used for the service line, which is the main air line that carries compressed air from the air compressor to the air reservoirs and brake chambers.

  • Blue: This color is usually used for the trailer supply line, which provides compressed air to the trailer’s air reservoirs and controls the trailer brakes.

  • Red: This color is often used for the emergency line, which is used to activate the trailer brakes in the event of a loss of air pressure in the system.

  • Green: This color is commonly used for the glad hand connectors, which are used to connect the hoses from the tractor to the trailer.

  • Yellow: This color is occasionally used for the auxiliary line, which is used to supply air to accessories such as air horns or air suspension systems.

By using color-coded air brake hoses, it is easier for mechanics and drivers to identify which hoses perform which function, making maintenance and troubleshooting simpler and more efficient.

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