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Flat Hose: The ultimate Guide to PVC flat hose 2023

Kingdaflex is the leading hose factory to manufacturer high qualified flat hose for your project. Made of premium PVC material, the flat hose is the best selection for you to crop irrigation, garden plant watering and etc. Quote now to get more detailed info. 

top-rated flat hose with different colors

The flat hose is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), consisting of three layers. 

  • Outer Cover: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Reinforcement: Polyester reinforcement layer to add strength to the flat hose.
  • Inner Tube: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
flat hose structure

top-rated flat hose with different colors

The flat hose can be manufactured with different colors in the manufacturer, and here are some trending colors that you can select, such as yellow flat hose, red, orange, black and etc. Flexible for you to choose your desired color to match your brand. For more, please contact us now to get more color options. 

Special features

pvc for flat hose

Premium PVC Mateiral

The pvc flat hose pipe is made of Premium PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, safe and environmentally-friendly, can be reused and recycled. 

green flat hose

Easy to Store

The PVC flat hose is mildew proof, waterproof, also insect prevent, easy to store. You only store them in the cool warehouse or other places.

flexible flat hose

Lightweight & Flexible

The PVC flat hose is soft, flexible for you to lay line while discharging water. Easy to adjust it to anywhere to water the plants.

custom flat hose


We can customize the flat hose to meet your requirement, and you brand name is supported to print on the surface of the PVC lay flat hose tube.


Inch Size

Metric SizeLength MAX.W.P.MAX.B.P.



At 23℃



I.D.mmWall Thickness mm BarBarg/m























Flat PVC Hose applications

flat hose for agriculture

Agricultural Irrigation

The PVC hose is widely applied for the agricultural irrigation, to discharge water from river or reservoir to irrigate crops, flowers and other plants.

fire fighter flat hose

Fire Fighter

The flat lay hose can be used for the fire fighter to discharge water with high pressure to put out the fire. PVC flat hose is flexible handling with the force friction on the ground.

drop irrigation

Drip Irrigation

The PVC hose can be equipped for the drip irrigation for the agriculture field. PVC flat hose is designed with high strength, so that you can use it for the drip irrigation.

water evacuation flat hose

Water Evacuation

The flat hose is also working for the water evacuation, such as evacuating water for dam, bay. Lay flat hose to discharge the dirty water, or other polluted liquid for the industries. 

More than flat hose

Various Colors

The PVC material can be manufactured with different colors, and please feel free to contact us to select your desired colors.

Customized Lengths

We can customize the flat hose to meet your desired length, flexible to cut the lengths for your own project.

Custom Logo

We can customize your private label on the surface of the PVC flat lay hose. Our hose manufacturer can print your brand name.

Good Packaging

We will pack the flat hoses using your required packing materials, including plastic film, wooden box, paper box and etc.

flat discharge hose

Competitive Price

We will give the best price for you to get premium flat hose with the guarantee of the top-grade quality at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The flat hose, also lay flat hose.  flat hose is one of the most common hose, and the flat hose is the flexible hose, designed to deliver liquids under the certain pressure for various industries. Flat hose can be folded into a roll due to the “flat” shape after discharging all the air in the hose. 

The flat hose is regularly made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, reinforced with the polyester in length to add more strength to the hose. 

Flat hose has a wide applications. Lay Flat hose is flexible, and it is designed for deliver liquids under high pressure. To deliver the water to irrigate crops for the agriculture industry.  Also, flat hose can be applied for discharging hose for the fire-fighting. 

It’s quite easy, you can get into touch with us 24/7, and please feel free to ask for more detailed information about the flat hose.

The lay flat hose is made of PVC, used for the water delivery for the irrigation in the agriculture or filed. Powered by the high pressure, the flat lay hose can transfer the flowing  water for any projects.

Of course, you can quote a free sample to test the flat hose quality, and our professional sales will help you with anything about flat lay hose. 

We have the professional designer team to work for your flat hose design, including lengths, diameters, colors and etc. Contact us now to talk more details about your desired flat lay hose. 

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