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layflat hose: The ultimate guide to layflat PVC hose

The layflat hose is made of PVC materials, used for light duty discharge of water agriculture and industry. In our hose manufacturer, we can produce the layflat pvc hose according to your requirements. 

PVC layflat hose

The layout hose is made of PVC material, used for the agricultural farm irrigation, light chemicals. Kingdaflex can manufacture the top-rated water layflat hose to meet your standards, varied in lengths, diameters, colors and etc. 

layflat hose

layflat hose 1

layflat hose

The layflat hose is made of top-rated PVC material, used to water agriculture in the field, and we can customize the layflat PVC hose to meet your desire. 

colored pvc layflat hose

colored layflat PVC hose

Blue layflat hose, red layflat hose is the most popular, and we can customize the color according to your request, such as yellow, grey, black and etc. 

yellow layflat hose

PVC layflat hose

The PVC layflat hose can be customized with different lengths, colors, diameters, and thicknesses. Durable, super long service life for watering agriculture. 

lay flat concrete pump hose

Lay Flat Concrete Pump Hose

Are you tired of dealing with bulky and rigid hoses that impede your concrete pumping projects? Our Lay Flat Concrete Pump Hose is here to revolutionize your pumping experience. Engineered with cutting-edge technology and designed to optimize efficiency.

layflat discharge hose

Layflat Discharge Hose

Our Layflat Discharge Hose is meticulously engineered using premium materials, ensuring its ability to withstand heavy-duty applications. Quote your desired layflat discharge hose pipe now. 

layflat fire hose

Layflat Fire Hose

With an impressive working pressure rating, the Layflat Fire Hose offers superior performance in the most demanding situations. Its high-flow capacity facilitates rapid extinguishing, helping you control fires effectively and minimize damage to property and lives.

PVC material

Layflat hose is made of PVC material, super flexible, that can be placed anywhere. Anti-aging, anti-abrasion, and anti-chemicals.

easy installation

It's much easier for you to install the water layflat hose when you need to water plants, agriculture. If any problems, our service team can give you support.

lay flat concrete pump hose

wide application

You can use the layflat hose for wide applications, including farm agriculture irrigation, flood discharge, drain water, and etc.


We can customize the layflat PVC hose according to your desire, that can be customized with differenet lengths, colors, diameters, thicknesses and etc.

layflat hose application

The layflat hose has the wide applications, and you can use it for many fields, including agriculture irrigation, flood discharge; and the water flat hose can be used for the agriculture, farmland, and also factory to discharge the mild chemical fluids and etc. 

layflat hose FAQ

Here is everything basically about the layflat hose, and you can get this FAQ guide to know more about the PVC water layflat hose. 

layflat hose

what is layflat hose?

The layflat hose is a type of hose used for water suction and discharge, for the agriculture, farmland and also certain factories. The PVC water lay flat hose is super widely applied for agricultural irrigation. 

Here in Kingdaflex, we provide the top-rated PVC layflat hose for the water conveyance, to water the agricultural crops in the field. And we also supply the layflat hose used for industry, such as construction engineering. 

what is layflat hose made of?

The layflat hose is made of PVC plastic, reinforced with interwoven polyester yarn. And the PVC layflat hose is super flexible and soft, that can be folded well to be a reel. You can use the reel to store the layflat hose. 

PVC plastic is super soft, flexible, and lightweight, also has the excellent aging resistance, UV resistance, so that the layflat hose can be utilized for many years. 

can I choose different colors?

Of course, you can choose different colors, and the red layflat hose, blue layflat hose is the most popular, you can also get the yellow, grey, black, white and so on. We can customize the layflat water to be dyed with your desired color. 

light duty or heavy duty?

The layflat hose include 2 different types based on their applications: the heavy duty layflat hose and the medium duty layflat hose

The heavy duty layflat hose is used for the industrial factories, to withstand the stresses; and the medium duty layflat hose is used to load the eaiser work, such as water supply. 

what is layflat hose is used for?

fire hose

Here are broad applications for the layout hose and some popular applications. 


The lay flat hose can be used for agriculture and farming, to irrigate crops in the field. And you can install the lay flat hose easily to do the water supply, and PVC material is super flexible and soft, so that people can move the layflat hose to anywhere in need. 


You can choose the proper layflat hose used for the industry, to convey the light chemical fluids; and the PVC layflat hose is used to discharge the fluids that is weak corrosive.

Fire Protection

The layflat hose can also be used for the fire hydrants, working as the fire hose. The lay flat hose can discharge the water spray with high pressure for the fire extinguishment. 

Importance of Choosing the Right Layflat Hose

Choosing the right layflat hose is crucial to ensure that it can perform effectively and safely for its intended application. Selecting the wrong hose can result in reduced efficiency, increased downtime, or even accidents that could lead to property damage or personal injury.

For instance, using a hose that cannot handle the required pressure or temperature can lead to premature failure, leaks, or bursting. This can cause downtime and result in increased costs for repairs or replacements. Similarly, using a hose that is not chemically compatible with the substance being transported can cause damage to the hose and contamination of the substance being transported.

In addition, using a layflat hose that is too large or too small for the intended application can affect the efficiency of the system. Using a hose with a diameter that is too small can cause excessive pressure drop and reduced flow rates, while using a hose with a diameter that is too large can lead to increased friction loss and wasted energy.

Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the application requirements and choose a layflat hose that is compatible with the operating conditions, chemical substances, and system requirements. By selecting the right layflat hose, users can ensure that their system operates efficiently, effectively, and safely, reducing the risk of equipment damage, downtime, or accidents.

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