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Metric Hydraulic Hose Fittings: Powering Performance in a Globalized World

Streamline hydraulic systems globally with Metric Hydraulic Hose Fittings! Our wide selection offers precise fit, easy installation, and top-quality materials for optimal performance. Get free metric hydraulic hose fitting samples now!

Customize Your metric hydraulic hose fittings

While custom metric hydraulic hose fittings might involve an initial investment, the long-term benefits can be significant. The improved efficiency, reduced leak potential, and optimized system design can lead to increased productivity, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced system longevity. When considering customization, consult with a qualified hydraulic fitting manufacturer to discuss the feasibility and explore the best options for your specific needs.

Hydraulic Hose Fitting Dimensions

  • Thread Size: Go beyond standard metric thread sizes to accommodate hoses or components with slightly different dimensions.
  • Fitting Body Size: Customize the overall size and shape of the fitting to fit into tight spaces or integrate seamlessly with existing components.
  • Port Configuration: Choose the type of port connection (e.g., straight, elbow, tee) and its specific dimensions to achieve the desired flow path within your system.

Integrated Features

Go beyond the basic connection by incorporating additional functionalities directly into the fitting:

  • Pressure Relief Valves: These can be built-in to safeguard the system from pressure surges.
  • Flow Sensors: Monitor and regulate fluid flow within the system by integrating sensors into the fitting itself.
  • Mounting Brackets: Eliminate the need for separate brackets by customizing the fitting with integrated mounting features.


Standard metric fittings are typically made from steel, brass, or stainless steel. Customization allows you to choose:

  • Specialized Alloys: For extreme temperatures or highly corrosive environments, consider exotic materials like Hastelloy or Inconel for superior resistance.
  • Lightweight Alternatives: If weight reduction is a priority, explore options like aluminum or high-strength composite materials while maintaining pressure rating requirements.

Surface Treatments

While not strictly a functional customization, consider special surface treatments for specific applications:

  • Corrosion-Resistant Coatings: Enhance protection against corrosion, especially for systems operating in harsh environments with moisture or salt exposure.
  • Anti-Seize Coatings: Minimize the risk of threads seizing or galling during installation or removal, simplifying maintenance procedures.

Various Metric Hose fittings

24°Cone O-ring Seal H.T. Fitting
24°Cone O Ring Seal H T Fitting

20541 metric Hose fitting - 24°Cone O Ring Seal H.T. Fitting

Need a secure, leak-proof connection for your high-pressure hydraulic system? The 20541 metric hose fitting offers a heavy-duty build with a 24° cone and O-ring seal. Get reliable performance in demanding applications. Order yours today!

20511 metric hydraulic hose fitting

Secure a leak-proof connection with our high-quality 20511 Hydraulic Metric Hose Fittings-Female 24° Cone H.T. Designed for durability and performance, these fittings are perfect for demanding hydraulic applications. Don’t settle for anything less – upgrade your equipment today!

20541 Metric Hydraulic Fittings

Stop leaks in their tracks! Our selection of 20541 Metric Hydraulic Fittings ensures a seamless, secure connection every time. Don’t settle for anything less than superior performance. Browse our inventory and find the perfect fit for your hydraulic needs today!

20591 metric hose fitting

Need a leak-proof, high-pressure connection for your hydraulic system? Look no further! Our 20591 Metric Hydraulic Hose Fitting features a 90-degree female swivel and a secure 24-degree cone seal. Its heavy-duty build ensures reliable performance even in demanding applications. Get yours today and keep your hydraulics running smoothly!

24°Cone O-ring Seal L.T. Fitting
Metric Fittings 10411 Metric Male 24°Cone Seat L T Fitting

These 24° cone seat L.T. fittings are built for durability and performance, ensuring a tight seal in your high-pressure applications. Don’t settle for less – upgrade your system with confidence. Order yours today!

20411 metric hydraulic hose fitting

Upgrade your hydraulic systems with superior leak resistance! Our 20411 Metric Male Fittngs feature a durable 24° cone seat design for a tighter seal, reducing downtime and costly repairs. Don’t settle for anything less, get yours today!

20441 metric hose fitting

Need a leak-proof connection in your hydraulic system? The 20441 metric hose fitting is your answer. With a 45° angle, female metric thread, and secure 24° cone seal, it creates a strong, reliable connection for medium or high-pressure applications. Get yours now and tackle your project with confidence!

20491 metric hose fitting

Need a secure, leak-proof connection for your high-pressure hydraulic system? The 20491 metric hose fitting offers a robust 90-degree bend with a female thread and reliable o-ring seal. Get a lasting grip on your hoses – request a free sample today!

60°Cone Seal Fitting
10611 metric hose fitting

10611 Metric Thread Hose Fitting-Male 60° Cone Seat

Need a leak-proof connection for your hydraulic lines? The 10611 metric male cone seat fitting creates a secure, high-pressure seal with braided hoses. Available in various sizes, find the perfect fit for your project. Stop struggling with loose connections – get yours today!

20611 metric hose fitting

20611 Metric Thread Hose Fittings- Female 60° Cone Seat

Secure leak-proof connections in your hydraulic system! Upgrade to 20611 Metric Thread Hose Fittings with a female 60° cone seat. These fittings ensure a tight seal for efficient operation. Need a reliable solution for your machinery? Get your 20611 fittings now!

20641 metric hydraulic hose fitting

20641 Metric Tube Fitting-45° Female 60° Cone Seat

Streamline your hydraulic projects with the reliable 20641 Metric Tube Fitting! This 45-degree female elbow ensures tight connections with its 60-degree cone seat. Don’t settle for leaks – get a secure, angled flow for your metric fluid systems. Order yours today!

20691 metric hose fitting

20691 Metric Tube Fittings-90° Female 60° Cone Seat

Need a leak-proof connection for your hydraulic system? The 20691 Metric Tube Fitting, a 90° female with a 60° cone seat, creates a secure seal for efficient operation. Don’t settle for anything less – get yours today!

metric hydraulic hose fittings chart

Metric hydraulic hose fittings charts are your roadmap to navigating the vast world of these essential components. These charts provide a wealth of information, empowering you to select the perfect metric fitting for your specific hydraulic system needs.

Decoding the Metric Hydraulic Hose Fittings Chart:

A typical metric hydraulic hose fitting chart will typically include several key columns:

  • Fitting Series: This identifies the specific fitting style or family (e.g., S Series, ISO 6149). Each series has its own characteristics and pressure ratings.
  • Dash Size: This indicates the hose bore size (inner diameter) that the fitting is designed for. Common dash sizes include -4, -6, -8, etc., with higher numbers corresponding to larger diameters.
  • Thread Type: This specifies the type of thread used on the fitting, ensuring compatibility with your hose or component. Examples include ISO 1179-1 (metric parallel), ISO 9974-1 (metric tapered), etc.
  • Body Style: This describes the fitting’s configuration, such as straight, elbow (45° or 90°), tee, reducer, or flange. Each style serves a specific purpose in directing flow within the hydraulic system.
  • Material: This indicates the material used to manufacture the fitting (e.g., steel, brass, stainless steel). Material selection depends on factors like pressure rating, operating environment, and fluid type.
  • Pressure Rating: This specifies the maximum pressure the fitting can safely handle. Choose a fitting with a pressure rating exceeding the maximum pressure in your system.

Beyond the Basics:

Some charts might include additional details like:

  • Dimensions: This provides specific measurements of the fitting, such as overall length, thread diameter, and wrench flats, which can be helpful for installation purposes.
  • Part Numbers: These unique identifiers allow you to easily locate and order the specific fitting you need from a manufacturer or supplier.
  • Torque Specifications: These indicate the recommended tightening force for the fitting’s threads to ensure a secure and leak-proof connection.

Utilizing the Chart for Informed Decisions:

Here’s how you can leverage a metric hydraulic hose fitting chart:

  1. Identify System Requirements: Determine the hose size (dash size), thread type (compatibility), and pressure rating required for your hydraulic system.
  2. Consult the Chart: Look for fittings that match your hose size, thread type, and pressure rating needs. The chart will display compatible body styles and materials to choose from.
  3. Consider Additional Factors: Beyond the basic specifications, consider factors like space constraints (fitting body style), desired flow direction (elbows, tees), and potential environmental concerns (material selection).

Metric Hydraulic Hose Fitting FAQs

Metric hydraulic hose fittings are specialized components designed to connect hoses within hydraulic systems that adhere to the metric sizing standard. These fittings feature threads and dimensions measured in millimeters (mm) to ensure compatibility with metric hoses and equipment.

Metric fittings offer several advantages:

  • Global Compatibility: Standardized metric threads ensure seamless integration with equipment and components from various manufacturers worldwide.
  • Simplified Installation: Consistent sizing eliminates confusion and potential errors during installation.
  • Precise Engineering: Metric fittings offer a perfect fit for European and Asian-made hydraulic systems, maximizing performance and efficiency.
  • Wide Availability: With the growing global market, metric fittings are readily available from a wide range of suppliers.

The easiest way to identify a metric fitting is by its threads. Metric threads have a specific profile and typically measure in millimeters (mm). Additionally, metric fittings often have a hexagonal body to accommodate wrenches during installation.

Here are some widely used metric hydraulic hose fittings:

  • Straight Fittings: These provide a direct connection between the hose and another component.
  • Elbow Fittings: They offer a 90-degree bend for changing flow direction.
  • Tee Fittings: These fittings have three ports, allowing for branching or merging fluid flow paths.
  • Reducer Fittings: They connect hoses with different diameters, enabling seamless transitions within the system.
  • Bulkhead Fittings: These fittings mount directly onto equipment or panels, providing a secure connection point for hoses.

While a basic set of wrenches might suffice for some installations, proper tools are crucial for ensuring a secure and leak-proof connection. Here are some recommended tools:

  • Torque Wrench: Applying the correct tightening torque is essential to prevent leaks or damage to the fitting. A torque wrench allows for precise tightening based on the fitting’s specifications.
  • Hose Crimper: For fittings that require crimping onto the hose, a dedicated hose crimper ensures a proper and secure connection.
  • Thread Gauge (Optional): If unsure about the specific thread type, a thread gauge can help identify the exact metric thread pattern.
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