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Importing Polyurethane Garden Hose from China

Are you looking for the wholesale Polyurethane Garden Hoses, and we can supply you the qualified Polyurethane Garden Hoses to meet your various requirements. For more details about Polyurethane Garden Hoses, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Various Polyurethane Garden Hoses

Here we can provide all types of Polyurethane Garden Hoses, varied in lengths, diameters, colors and etc. Here I display some hot-selling Polyurethane Garden Hoses for your selection in the following:

By Lengths
5:8 inch polyurethane garden hose

5/8-inch polyurethane garden hose

We have 5/8-inch polyurethane garden hose for your selection, this garden hose made of polyurethane is suitable for your garden watering work, for more, please feel free to contact us now.

3:4 polyurethane garden hose

3/4 polyurethane garden hose

3/4 polyurethane garden hose is also hot selling the garden hose market, and we can customize different lengths to meet your various requirement, and welcome to hit the button below to get 3/4 polyurethane garden hose samples.

5:8 polyurethane garden hose

5/8 polyurethane garden hose

5/8 polyurethane garden hose is provided for your project, and we can customize polyurethane garden hoses with different specifications for your various project needs, and don't hesitant to contact us to get ideal garden hose solutions.

polyurethane garden hose vs rubber

polyurethane garden hose vs rubber
Polyurethane Garden Hose vs Rubber Garden Hose


FactorsPolyurethane Garden HoseRubber Garden Hose
ResistanceResistant to kinking, weather, UV, and moldResistant to high water pressure and weather conditions
CostGenerally more expensiveLess expensive
Safe for Drinking WaterYes

chemical hose Applications

Chemical hoses find applications in various industries and sectors where the safe transfer of chemicals, acids, and solvents is necessary. Here are some common applications of chemical hoses:

chemical hose for chemical manufacturing

Chemical Hose for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical hoses are extensively used in chemical manufacturing plants to transfer raw materials, intermediate chemicals, and finished products. They facilitate the safe transportation of acids, bases, solvents, corrosive chemicals, and other specialized substances used in chemical processes.

chemical hose FAQs

Yes, polyurethane garden hoses are often made from FDA-grade polyurethane, making them safe for drinking water.

While polyurethane hoses are not as durable as rubber hoses, they still offer a good level of durability. They are resistant to weather, UV, and mold.

Yes, polyurethane garden hoses can handle a wide range of temperatures and are also resistant to kinking.

Yes, one of the main advantages of polyurethane garden hoses is their light weight, which makes them easy to move around.

Polyurethane garden hoses can be more expensive than other types of hoses, such as those made from rubber or vinyl. However, they offer several benefits like being safe for drinking water and being lightweight and flexible.

While polyurethane garden hoses are not as strong as rubber hoses, they are still suitable for most garden tasks. For heavy-duty tasks, a rubber hose might be a better option.

Polyurethane is a type of plastic, but it’s considered more environmentally friendly than PVC hoses because it doesn’t release toxins if incinerated. However, it’s always best to reuse or recycle your hose when it’s no longer usable.

The lifespan of a polyurethane garden hose depends on how well it is maintained and how often it is used. With proper care, it can last for several years.

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