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Dredging Hose

Tube: Synthetic abrasive resistant rubber with high strength breaker plies coated with high-grade synthetic rubber to achieve maximum adhesion of the lining to the hose carcass.

Reinforcement: Multiple layers of high tensile reinforcing materials with outstanding resistance to fatigue. Fully embedded steel wire coils are incorporated to achieve kink, crush, and local load resistance.

Cover: Synthetic rubber, resistant to abrasion, weathering, seawater, and oil. The cover, which incorporates reinforcing breaker plies is black with a bright orange spiral stripe or coated in a tough bright orange polyurethane.

Temperature: -25℃ to 80℃

Dredging Hose

Size I. D. W.P. Tube Thickness ≥ mm Cover Thickness ≥ mm Length
12inch 300mm 10bar~35bar 10 4 1m~11.8m
16inch 400mm 10bar~35bar 12 5 1m~11.8m
20inch 500mm 10bar~35bar 12 5 1m~11.8m
24inch 600mm 10bar~35bar 20 5 1m~11.8m
26inch 650mm 10bar~35bar 25 5 1m~11.8m
30inch 750mm 10bar~35bar 30 6 1m~11.8m
32inch 800mm 10bar~35bar 32 6 1m~11.8m
34inch 850mm 10bar~35bar 32 6 1m~11.8m

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