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SAE J157 100R13 hydraulic hose for heavy duty equipment

SAE J517 100R13 Hydraulic Hose: High-pressure, durable hydraulic hose designed to meet industry standards. Ideal for heavy machinery and equipment in construction, mining, and agriculture.

SAE J157 100R13 hydraulic hose

SAE J517-100R13

SAE J517-100R13

The SAE J517-100R13 hydraulic hose is a robust and high-pressure solution designed to meet industry standards. It’s perfect for demanding applications in construction, mining, and agriculture, where durability and reliability are essential. This hose is engineered to handle extreme pressure and temperature conditions, making it a dependable choice for heavy-duty hydraulic systems.

SAE J517-100R13 Hydraulic Hose

SAE 100R13 spiral hydraulic hose is an excellent choice for heavy-duty equipment that requires robust and reliable hydraulic systems. This type of hose is designed to withstand high pressure and is known for its durability and flexibility. Here are some key features and benefits of SAE 100R13 spiral hydraulic hose for heavy-duty equipment.


Most frequent questions and answers

SAE J517 is a set of standards established by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for hydraulic hoses. 100R13 is a specific classification within these standards, indicating the hose’s performance characteristics and usage parameters.

The SAE 100R13 hydraulic hose is known for its high-pressure capability and durability. It’s designed to handle extreme pressure and temperature conditions, making it suitable for heavy machinery and equipment in industries like construction, mining, and agriculture.

The 100R13 hose is typically constructed with multiple layers of high-tensile steel wire braids. This construction provides the strength and flexibility needed to withstand high-pressure hydraulic fluids.

This hose is commonly used in industries where heavy-duty hydraulic systems are employed, such as construction equipment, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, and forestry equipment.

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential. Check the hose for signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Replace hoses that show any of these issues to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Yes, it’s crucial to ensure that the hydraulic fluid used is compatible with the hose material. Additionally, compatibility with the equipment’s hydraulic system is essential for safe and efficient operation.

Yes, always follow safety guidelines when working with hydraulic hoses, including using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), relieving pressure before disconnecting hoses, and following manufacturer recommendations for installation and maintenance.

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