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Your expert teflon hose manufacturer to provide the best teflon hose

As the professional Teflon hose manufacturer, we can supply you the qualified Teflon hose at the competitive price. Here we can custom the Teflon hose to meet your desire for your project. 

custom teflon hose

Here are the trending Teflon hoses that have been exported to over 30 different countries all over the world. Kingdaflex owns the hose manufacturer to produce the top-rated hose Teflon. And we can customize the wholesale Teflon hose, to achieve the target length, thickness to meet your requirement. We also print your hose company name on the Teflon hose surface. For more, please contact us at any time. 

wholesale teflon hose

corrugated teflon hose

The Teflon hose is designed with a corrugated surface, and the Teflon hose is used for food, pharmaceutical, and chemical applications. You can use the Teflon hose to convey the hydraulic fluids, oil, steam and etc. 

stainless steel teflon hose

The stainless steel teflon hose, also called ss teflon hose, is the Teflon hose braided with the stainless steel. The ss teflon hose can be used as a liner to increase temperature range compatibility, chemical resistance.

teflon aircraft hose

The Teflon aircraft hose is the custom Teflon hose, that can be printed with different colors. You can use the Teflon hose to create the flexible aircraft Teflon line for your hydraulic project. 

teflon Lined hose

Are you looking for the Teflon lined hose, and we are the leading Teflon hose manufacturer, with the ability to customize your desired Teflon hose pipe, that can be installed for your project. 

PTFE teflon hose

PTFE Teflon hose is the ideal hose for chemical, gas, and high-purity applications.  PTFE (Teflon Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fluoropolymer that provides  excellent chemical resistance.

convoluted teflon hose

The convoluted Teflon hose is the Teflon hose with fully convoluted PTFE line inside. Convoluted hose Teflon is used for the occasions where needs flexibility. Stainless steel wire braid is convoluted

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