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The precautions in the process of using the tank truck Hose

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Everything in the world has its life, and so is the tank truck hose. The service life of the tanker hose is not only affected by the quality of the tank itself, but also the daily use and maintenance. How can we effectively extend the life of the rubber hose? As a professional fuel dispenser pipe manufacturer, let me introduce the precautions in the process of using the tank truck pipe.

First, after the refueling operation is completed, refuel the hose in time. After the hose is prevented from being crushed by frequent and severe wheels, the oil seal is damaged, the hose is foamed and bursts, and the joint is loose and leaking. Conditional can add a storage hook.

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Second, the two ends of the refueling hose are connected regularly (connecting the broken valve end and connecting the oil gun end) for exchange. It can effectively avoid the damage of hose bending caused by long-term use.
The third is to take appropriate protective measures in areas that are easy to rub. If you add two movable rubber sleeves, you can avoid the hose directly rubbing against the ground.

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The fourth is to choose the appropriate length. Avoid the problem that the tank truck hose is too short or too long, causing various problems during the refueling process.

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