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Find Your Desired 12mm Hydraulic Hose from Kingdaflex Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer

Kingdaflex is the leading hydraulic hose manufacturer China, you can find your desired 12mm hydraulic hose for your own hydraulic project. 12mm hydraulic hose can be customized with your private label. 

12mm hydraulic hose, or 13mm hydraulic hose, 1/2 ID (Inner Diameter) is the trending hydraulic hose, and we can customize the specific hydraulic hose to meet your requirement. 

12mm hydraulic hose

12mm hydraulic hose pipe 1
Tube Series
Hydraulic Hose
Tube Ø (mm)
Wall thickness (mm)
Working pressure (bar)
160 bar
Working Pressure (psi)
2320 psi

12mm hydraulic hose applications

12mm hydraulic hose is designed with a 1/2” inner diameter, and it can be applied for high-pressure hydraulic systems in industry and agriculture. Here are some situations where you can use the 12mm hydraulic hose. 

Petroleum based hydraulic fluid

Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid

12mm hydraulic hose can be used to deliver the Petroleum-based hydraulic fluid for the hydraulic system. The inner tube of the hydraulic hose is made of oil resistant rubber material, so it is durable to ensure the long shelf life. 

diesel fuel hydraulic hose

diesel fuel hydraulic hose

Of course, a 12mm hydraulic hose can be used for diesel fuel delivery, the excellent rubber material has excellent anti-corrosion performance. Flexible to customize the hydraulic hose with your own hose brand name on the layline

hydraulic hose

12mm hydraulic hose for heavy-duty machine

The heavy-duty machine needs a lot of hydraulic hoses, varied in lengths, and diameters, and our hydraulic hose manufacturer can provide 12mm hydraulic hose to meet your requirement for the hydraulic system. 

hydraulic hose for fluid

hydraulic hose for fluid

The hydraulic hose is designed for the fluid delivery, and you can apply the hydraulic hose for various heavy-duty machine that needs hydraulic hoses for providing energy and power to the machine to keep it work normally.

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kingdaflex hydraulic hose