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Hydraulic Hose Layline: Ultimate Guide to Hydraulic Hose Layline Decode

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Have you noticed that what is printed on your hydraulic hose? The text printed on the hydraulic hose outer cover is indispensable telling some basically important information about this hydraulic hose.

This is the ultimate guide to the hydraulic hose layline, and today let’s decode the hydraulic hose layline.

Let’s get started.

What Is Hydraulic Hose Layline?

hydraulic hose layline
hydraulic hose layline

It is easy for you to notice the text printed on the hydraulic hose made by Kingdaflex hydraulic hose manufacturer, and we can customize the layline to print your hydraulic hose brand name, logo and etc.

So why is there a hydraulic hose line? The hydraulic hose layline can tell you something basically important about the hydraulic hose identification.

The hydraulic hose layline can run the whole length of the hydraulic hose, and the information printed on the layline includes hydraulic hose manufacturer, hydraulic hose specifications, such as hydraulic hose size, working pressure, rating and etc.

You can be clear about the hydraulic hose basic info, reading from the hydraulic hose layline, to know how to select the right hydraulic hose for your hydraulic hose application.

Hydraulic Hose Layline Decode

hydraulic hose layline decode
hydraulic hose layline decode

So let’s decode the hydraulic hose layline:

  1. Logo: We regularly print our hydraulic hose brand name at the very beginning to show the hydraulic hose manufacturer name, and here we can do the customization, to print your hydraulic hose brand or logo in this place.
  2. Hydraulic Hose Standard: Here we will print hydraulic hose standards, including hydraulic hose EN standard and SAE standard. The standard information is the must-have information printed on the hydraulic hose layline, to prove that this hydraulic hose is certificated and qualified.
  3. Diameter: The diameter can tell you the hydraulic hose size, and this is the guide for you to select the right hydraulic hose for your hydraulic system. For example, 1/2″ also 1/2″ inch, is the hydraulic hose dash size, DN12 is the hydraulic hose Nominal Diameter.
  4. Working Pressure: WP is the abbreviation of Working Pressure. You need to know the working pressure of the hydraulic hose, and then determine where the hydraulic hose can be used for.
  5. Date: The date can tell you the production date of the hydraulic hose, this is helpful for you to know about the hydraulic hose service life, and guide you to make the hydraulic hose maintenance route. For example, 4Q21 means the 4th quarter in 2021, and this is our latest hydraulic hose published in the market.

For more numbers printed on the hose layline, please get to know what numbers mean on the hydraulic hose.

What Is the Hydraulic Hose Layline Purpose?

The hydraulic hose layline can be the important marking label, the hydraulic hose labels can help you a lot to indicate the hydraulic hose basics to the buyers. And the clients will know hydraulic hose basic information, including hydraulic hose size, pressure and etc.

How to read a hydraulic hose? The hydraulic hose layline matters the most important, they can be seen as the hydraulic hose identification labels, telling you everything important the hydraulic hose specifications printed on the hydraulic hose layline existing on the surface of the hydraulic hose cover.

Reading hydraulic hose layline is also important, which can help you with the hydraulic hose selection. The STAMPED principle works well for you to choose the most suitable hydraulic hose for your hydraulic machine, and also you can get the information useful for your hydraulic system.

It’s flexible for you to customize the hydraulic hose layline, and we can print anything you want, such as your wanted color, art, surface and etc. The hose layline can be used as the visual index for hydraulic hose routing for installation tips.

As a matter of fact, the hydraulic hose layline is the identification label of a hydraulic hose, and you need to be clear about the meaning of the layline numbers before you use them.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about the hydraulic hose layline, please feel free to contact us at any time. And chat with us now to customize your hydraulic hose layline now, and get Free samples at once.

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