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Fire Sleeve

Fire Protection sleeve: Heat-Resistant Nylon Sleeving for Hydraulic Hoses

Kingdaflex is the leading fire hose sleeve manufacturer in China, and we have been in the fire protection sleeve for 20+ years, with rich experience in the manufactured fire-rated sleeve to protect your hydraulic hose.

We own advanced manufacturing facilities to work out the premium fire hose sleeve for you to protect your hydraulic hose away from potential harm, even in a hostile environment.

top-rated Fire Protection sleeve for hydraulic hose protection

glassfiber fireproof

High Bulk Glassfiber

The glassfiber fireproof is fundamental to preventing the hydraulic hose away from damages in high temperatures. And the fire protection sleeve is designed with glassfiber fabric cloth coated with silicone rubber material. The fire resistant hose sleeve is basically important for hose protection.

  • Made of premium Silicone-coated Fiberglass, give the excellent resistance to fire or high temperature. 
  • Can be customized with various colors, blue, black, orange hydraulic hose protector sleeve is the trending in the industry.
  • Normally work in the condition with the range of temperature 260℃/500℉ – 1300℃.
  • Available in different lengths, diameters, thicknesses and etc, and we can customize any sizes to fit your project.
hydraulic hose nylon protective sleeve

Hydraulic Hose Nylon Protective Sleeve

Hydraulic hose nylon protective sleeves are a must-have accessory for protecting your hydraulic hoses from abrasion and damage. As a hydraulic system plays a crucial role in various industrial and mobile applications, it’s essential to keep it in good condition.

By using a nylon protective sleeve, you can keep your hoses protected from sharp edges, hot metal surfaces, and any other abrasive elements that can cause damage. The sleeve is made of high-quality nylon that is both durable and flexible, making it an ideal solution for protecting your hoses.

Special features

fire protection sleeve waterproof


The hydraulic hose sleeve protector is made of silicone covered material, super waterproof, moisture proof.

colored fire sleeve hose

Various Colors

The fire protection sleeve can be designed with various colors, including trending black, white, yellow, orange, blue and etc.

fireglass fireproof


The fire sleeve is fabricated with fiberglass and coated with the thick silicone to give the resistance to the fire, heating, and high temperature.

fire sleeve protector

Thick Cover

Designed with thick 80mm Pyrojacket to  give the huge protection to the whole hydraulic hose.



Wall      ThicknessToleranceRoll    LengthInsideWall      ThicknessTolerance

Roll      Length





Φ8  5/161.5±0.1550Φ552 1/53.5±0.35



 3/82±0.2025Φ572 1/43.5±0.3525
Φ11  7/162±0.2025Φ602 3/83.5±0.35



1/22±0.2025Φ642 1/23.5±0.3520
Φ165/82±0.2025Φ652 3/53.5±0.35



3/42±0.2025Φ702 3/43.5±0.4020



12±0.3025Φ803 1/54±0.4020
Φ291 1/82±0.3025Φ833 1/44±0.40



1 1/42±0.3025Φ853 3/84±0.4020
Φ351 3/83±0.3025Φ893 1/24±0.50



1 1/23±0.3025Φ903 9/164±0.5020
Φ401 3/53±0.3025Φ953 3/44±0.50



1 5/83±0.3025Φ10245±0.5010
Φ451 3/43±0.3025Φ1104 1/35±0.50



1 7/83±0.3025Φ1144.55±0.50


top-rated Fire hose sleeves for hydraulic hose protection

This is the video showing more details about the our hydraulic hose protection sleeve, and you can feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.

The fire protection sleeve has the premium elasticity, to give the excellent protection to hydraulic hose, and you only need to wrap the hydraulic hose using the top-rated fire sleeve protector. It can withstand intense radiant heat continuously during its service life. 

Shed Splash

The hydraulic hose protective sleeve can shed splash of molten steel, aluminum, and other metal liquid splash. It is basically important for hydraulic hose protection. The fireproof sleeve is one of the greatest selection to protect your hydraulic hoses away from the potential damages for various industrial occasions.

fire hose protector

Fire Protection Sleeve Applications

The fire protection sleeve can be applied for various working conditions, such as steel manufacturer, the metallurgical industry, the well-digging industry, and heavy-duty machinery that needs lots of hydraulic hoses. The fire resistant hose sleeve has a wide applications as follows:


Metallurgical Field

The fire protection sleeve can be used in the metallurgical industry, where has the very high temperature. The top-rated silicone coated fire protection sleeve can prevent the metal splash.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence industry field also needs the fire sleeve protector to keep the hydraulic hose safe during its service life. High temperature fire sleeves can provide wire harness protection for the AI device.

robot intellgent industry
heavy duty machinery

Heavy Duty Machinery

Fire sleeves also play an increasingly important role in the hydraulic hose protection for the heavy-duty machinery, such as drilling machinery, digging machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery and etc.

Aeroquip Fire Sleeve

The Aeroquip Fire Sleeve is a highly effective solution for protecting aerospace applications from extreme temperatures and fire hazards. This specially designed sleeve offers numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice for ensuring the safety and reliability of critical components.

the aeroquip fire sleeve

Frequently Asked Questions

The fire protection hose is a flexible sleeve that is designed for hydraulic hose protection, when it is used under the ambient working conditions.  

The fire protection hose is made of the silicone coated rubber material, and also premium glassfiber, with the strong ability to protect the hydraulic hose safe in a good condition during the shelf life. 

Of course, you can choose your desired color. Here are some trending colors to widen your options, such as black, white, blue, yellow, orange and etc. The color can be customized to meet your desire. 

Yes, you can get your desired length here in our hydraulic hose manufacturer, and we can provide 40m, 50m, 80m, 100m and etc.

A protective sleeve for hydraulic hoses is the barrier that can protect rubber hose against hose bursts or leakage in the working conditions. The burst protection sleeve for hydraulic hoses can protect natural hydraulic hoses against abrasion. You can get the hydraulic hose burst protection sleeve for your hydraulic system, to expand hydraulic hose shelf life.

We can provide the packaging method to meet your requirement, and here are some trending packaging methods to pack the fire sleeve hose. 

Yes, the fire sleeve consists of fire sleeve coated with rubber silicone material. These materials are insulated, so that you can use the fire sleeve protector to protect the hydraulic hoses, cables, wires, tubes and pipes used for any industries where exist electricity.

The fire retardant sleeve is made of silicon coated glassfiber fabric material, used to protect your cables, tubes, wires, tubes from the abusive treatment and hazardous damages. 

The fireproof fiberglass fire sleeve is the strong method to protect the hoses that can be used for a very long. 

The fire resistant sleeving is manufactured with the premium silicone rubber coated high temperature glassfiber, that can withstand heating working conditions to ensure that machinery powered by the hydraulic hose transferred can work as normal. 

The fire resistant sleeving can add a protection layer to prevent heating damages to the heavy-duty machinery.

And the aeroquip fire sleeve is really nice 

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