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pyrojacket sleeve


The Pyrojacket is the fire sleeve, that you can use for your hydraulic hose protection. It can withstand continuous exposure to high temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) to protect your hydraulic hoses inside safely throughout the whole shelf life. Kingdaflex is the leading fire sleeve factory that can work out the premium Pyrojacket for you. 

top-rated aerostyle pyrojacket

Pyrojacket Firesleeve is used to give ultimate protection to the hydraulic hoses, because it can withstand repeated exposures to molten steel, molten aluminum and molten glass, in the working conditions where has the very high temperature, heating up to 3000°F (1650°C). The knitted glassfiber fabric inside can protect the rubber hose away from the metal splash sprinkles. 

Aerostyle Pyrojacket

Pyrojacket aerostyle is the fire sleeve with the excellent high temperature resistance, made of the high bulk glassfiber, and coated with the premium silicone rubber material. It can be easily installed on a hydraulic hose, without disturbing the connectors and fittings.

pyrojacket aerostyle

Special features

molten steel splash

Shed Splash

The Pyrojecket can isolate molten steel splash in the steel manufacturers. The heavy silicone coated can prevent heating transferring to break the hoses.

pyrojacket for fire fighter

Withstand Heating

Pyrojacket can withstand intense radiant heat and flame, so they can be used as water guns for the firefighter to put out a fire in an emergency.

hydraulic hose fraying

Protection Guard

Silicone coated fiberglass Pyrojacket is the protective guard can stop hydraulic hose fraying and abrasion. To expand the hydraulic hose service life to the largest extend.

pyrojacket mutiple hoses

Different Sizes

Pyrojacket firesleeves can be customized with different lengths, diameters to match all types of hoses, tubes, pipes, wires for the heavy-duty machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pyrojacket®, is the registered trademark of ADL INSULFLEX, INC. Insulflex Pyrojacket

It is the branded fire sleeve, Pyrojacket is made of high-bulk glassfiber, coated with the silicone rubber material. It used as the safe guard to protect the hydraulic hoses, tubes, pipes and wires preventing from the potential damages. It

Pyrojacket fire sleeve is made of the high-bulk knitted glassfiber, designed with the heavy coat of the silicone rubber. 

Pyrojacket has the wide applications, and you can install the Pyrojacket fire sleeves for various types of the machinery, which is engined by the hydraulic fluids transferred by the hydraulic hoses

The Pyrojacket can be used in multiple industries, including steel works, exploratory well,  mine exploiting, metallurgy industry and many other working places where needs heavy-duty machinery.

Pyrojacket can be used for various working conditions where exist hydraulic hoses, and we can manufacture the Pyrojacket sleeves to meet your desire. 

  • Size: Customized to match your hydraulic hose ID
  • Working temperature: Withstand a wide range of high temperature, to ensure the hydraulic hose safety. From 260°C to 1650° approximately
  • Designed with the excellent ability to prevent the metal splash and flame sprinkle
  • Silicone rubber coat is thick enough for the excellent abrasion
  • Pyrojacket is super flexible, that you can use it to wrap the hydraulic hoses, even in the bent corners
  • Outstanding water and oil resistance can help it work very well for the hose protection, to expand its shelf life

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