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Food Grade Hose: The Ultimate Guide

Kingdaflex Has a Wide Range of Food-Grade Hose, That Can Be Applied to Many Industries, and Today We Are Willing to Share With You Everything Basically Important About the Food Grade Hose. 

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Kingdaflex has a wide range of food-grade hose, that can be applied to many industries, and today we are willing to share with you everything basically important about the food grade hose.

What Is Food Grade Hose?

food grade hose

The food grade hose, also named food grade tube, is used to transfer and convey food products, such as seeds, beer, water, and anything else in the food industry. Yes, the food grade hose is playing an important role in the food production process.

What Is Food Grade Hose Made of?

The food hose is made of NBR food grade rubber material, to ensure health and safety during the process of food material conveyance and delivery.

This is the food hose structure:

  • Tube: White, smooth, NBR food quality rubber.
  • Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic cord and helix wire.
  • Cover: Smooth(wrapped finish), synthetic rubber, weathering resistant
  • Temperature: -20℃ to 80℃
  • Application: FDA-approved food hose designed for the delivery of fatty foods such as milk, edible oil, dairy products, etc.

Is Food Hose Safe to Use?

Of course, the food grade hose is super safe and healthy, in the food industry. To ensure the safety of the food conveyance, we use the food grade rubber material to ensure that the food hose can be used for people’s health. The food grade hose can meet a number of the standards, to meet the FDA standard.

The food grade hose must be compliant with the food contact applications, and food safety is the first element for food hose production. You can use the food hose to deliver the drinking water, cooking oil, drinking beer, alcoholic drinks, juice and etc. And it can widely apply to the food product manufacturer, to be installed on the food production equipment.

What Are Food Grade Hose Properties?

Here are some food grade hose properties that are why you can choose the food rubber hose for food delivery.

  • Flexibility: The food grade hose is super flexible, and the NBR material has excellent flexibility to ensure that it can be used for various food industries, and the flexible food hose can avoid kinking, twisting and etc.
  • Durability: The rubber hose has excellent durability, and you can use it for a very long time, up to years.
  • Chemical Resistance: The food grade hose has excellent chemical resistance, and you can deliver the food
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