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Hydraulic Hose Ends

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Hydraulic hose ends are called hydraulic hose couplings, end fittings, and the hydraulic hose ends are the must-have accessories for hydraulic hose assemblies.

Today I am happy to share with you this about the hydraulic hose ends.

What Are Hydraulic Hose Ends?

hydraulic hose end fittings
hydraulic hose end fittings

The hydraulic hose ends are also named hydraulic hose fittings ends, you can get the hydraulic hose fittings and ends from the local hardware store, these are basically important accessories for your hydraulic hose installation.

A hydraulic hose coupling is the connect on the end of the hydraulic hose to connect or couple it with another hydraulic hose, and the hydraulic hose installation accessories are made of steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or just plastic.

You can get the typically special hydraulic hose ends to finish your hydraulic project, working for your hydraulic system.

What Are Hydraulic Hose End Types?

hydraulic hose end types
hydraulic hose end types

Here are many different hydraulic hose end fittings on the market, and these are the most common hydraulic hose end types you need to know. They are widely applied in hydraulic hose installation.

The most common types of fittings are listed below, along with a brief description:

  • NPT/NPTF – the most commonly used type of thread in North America, these are recognizable by the tapered inner diameter and the tapered outer diameter, making the fitting self-sealing.
  • BSPT (JIS-PT) – commonly known as the British Thread Type, these are standard fittings that have been internationally adopted for sealing pipe ends and making connections.
  • Metric Taper – the most commonly used thread type in Europe, it is well known for its precise cylindrical inner and outer diameters.
  • SAE Straight Thread – a very reliable and reusable thread type, these have excellent sealing because of the 90-durometer O-Rings.
  • ISO 6149 – has a metric straight thread O-Ring port, which is very useful for diagnostic port applications.
  • JIS-B2351 – largely used as hose adapters for equipment designed in Japan or Korea, these usually have BSP threads
  • DIN Metric – DIN is the German Industrial Standard, and these are popular throughout Germany and much of Europe
  • 4-Bolt Flange – there are a number of different types of 4-bolt flange options, either for normal duty or heavy-duty.
  • BSPP (JIS-PF) – JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Standards, and these BSPP connectors follow the standard British thread dimensions

Hydraulic Hose End Fittings Standard


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