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What Is The Minimum Bend Radius for Hydraulic Hose? [How to Calculate Bend Radius]

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Hydraulic hose is the basically important equipment working for the hydraulic system, used to convey the hydraulic fluids.

So we need to know the basic knowledge about the hydraulic hose assembly. And the bend radius is the key point for installing hydraulic hoses properly.

What Is Bend Radius of Hydraulic Hose?

Bend radius, we use this to measure the inside curvature of the hydraulic hose, and the bend radius is the minimum radius one can bend a pipe, tube, sheet, cable, or hose without kinking it, damaging it, or shortening its life.

The bend radius of the hydraulic hose is measured as the distance to the inside edge of the hydraulic hose when you make a 90° bend.

hydraulic hose bend radius
hydraulic hose bend radius

The bend radius of the hydraulic hose can present the smallest diameter that a looped hydraulic hose can achieve. And R is short for bend radius, and bend radius is different because of the different structures of the hydraulic hose, including inner tube, reinforcement, and cover. The hydraulic hose structure can determine the hydraulic hose bend radius.

Hydraulic Hose Bend Radius Chart

hydraulic hose bend radius chart

hydraulic hose bend radius chart

You can see the hydraulic hose bend radius chart to get to know the bending capacity of the hydraulic hose pipe.

You can select the hydraulic hose for your hydraulic system, please be serious about the hydraulic hose bend radius. This may cause hydraulic hose kinking when a hydraulic hose goes beyond its rated bend radius.

What Determine Hydraulic Hose Bend Radius

And the tube, reinforcement, and cover can add to the stiffness of the hydraulic hose. And the bend radius will be very small if with the stiff hydraulic hose materials. And reinforcement layers of the hydraulic hose can change the bend radius, a tighter bend radius can make the hydraulic hose much more flexible. More layers of the reinforcement will add more stiffness to the hydraulic hose body, to make it much harder to bend over the hydraulic hose.

And the braided hydraulic hose is much more flexible than a spiral hydraulic hose, because of the hydraulic hose reinforcement structure. This is why hydraulic hose bend radius is different, and the layers of stainless steel wire can also affect the bend radius. 

Before installing the hydraulic hose, please be serious about considering the hydraulic hose specifications, including hydraulic hose length, and also bend radius. The bend radius when you install the hydraulic hose can’t be smaller than the minimum bend radius, or will cause the hydraulic hose breaking, leaking, folding problems. 

How to Calculate Bend Radius?

hydraulic hose bend radius formula
hydraulic hose bend radius formula

The minimum bend radius formula is L = A/360° x 2πr. The variables in this equation are defined as:

  • L: The minimum length of the hose that needs to bend
  • A: The angle of the bend
  • r: The bend radius of the hose
  • π: 3.14

You can use this formula to work out the hydraulic hose bend radius, and the minimum required length of the hydraulic hose can be used for many situations. 

For example, if a hydraulic hose manufacturer needs a hydraulic hose that requires a certain bend angle, you can calculate the hydraulic hose bend radius using this formula. 

And here you can get the hydraulic hose bend radius reading from the hydraulic hose specification chart shown on the product page. 

Prevent Hydraulic Hose Failure 

damaged hydraulic hose
damaged hydraulic hose

The bend radius is one of the hydraulic hose components you need to consider seriously, and it is necessary for you to calculate the hydraulic hose bend radius to prevent hydraulic hose failure.

Here are multiple hydraulic hose damage reasons why your hydraulic hose is leaking or broken. If your hydraulic hose is routed too tight, over-stressed because of the wrong bend radius. Over bent hydraulic hose will occur some problems, such as hydraulic fluid leaking, hydraulic hose fittings disconnecting, and etc. 

Exceeding bend radius will restrict the flow media passing through in the hydraulic hose tube, to cause some excessive heating, due to the added extra friction because of the improper hydraulic hose assemblies, if you don’t obey the hydraulic hose specifications. 

And hydraulic hose can’t be installed well if you bend it over too much, ignoring the minimum bend radius marked on the hydraulic hose cover. Please check out the hydraulic hose bend radius before your hydraulic hose installation process. 

For more detailed info about the bend radius of our hydraulic hose, please feel free to ask us at any time. 

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