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Hydraulic Hose Fittings Types: Conquer Leaks & Boost System Performance

Are leaking hydraulic hoses causing you headaches? Downtime? Safety hazards? You’re not alone. The right hydraulic hose fitting is crucial for a secure and efficient hydraulic system. But with a jungle of fitting options out there, choosing the wrong one can be costly.

hydraulic hoses Types

Hydraulic hose fittings are the essential connectors that form the link between hydraulic hoses and other components in a hydraulic system.

Crimp Hydraulic Hose Fittings

The most widely used type, offering a permanent and secure connection created by crimping a metal fitting onto the hose with a specialized tool.

Flange Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Designed for high-pressure applications where a strong and leak-proof connection is crucial. They typically involve bolting a flanged fitting onto the hose.

Provide a metal-to-metal seal for high-pressure applications using an O-ring for additional leak protection.

Reusable Hydraulic Hose Fittings

These fittings allow for easy connection and disconnection, making them ideal for testing and maintenance purposes.

Quick-Connect Couplings

Enable rapid connection and disconnection of hoses, useful for applications requiring frequent assembly/disassembly.

Different Hydraulic Hose Fittings by Thread Port Type

Hydraulic hose fittings come in a variety of thread port types to suit different applications and ensure secure connections within a hydraulic system. Here’s a breakdown of some common thread port types:

flat face hydraulic hose fittings

flat face Male Thread hydraulic hose fittings

Ensure a secure and reliable seal in your high-flow hydraulic systems with our flat face hydraulic hose fittings. These fittings deliver easy installation, excellent grip, and minimal pressure loss. Available in various sizes and compatible with most hose materials. Upgrade your hydraulic connections today! Shop now and experience the flat face difference.

ball face hydraulic hose fittings

Ball face Female thread hydraulic hose fittings

Ensure leak-proof performance and reliable fluid flow with our Ball Face Female Thread Hydraulic Hose Fittings. These fittings offer a secure, metal-to-metal seal for high-pressure applications. Easy installation and compatibility with various hose sizes and pressures make them a versatile choice for demanding hydraulic systems. 

Corn face Female thread hydraulic hose fittings

Corn face Female thread hydraulic hose fittings

Corn face female hydraulic fittings provide a secure, leak-proof connection for your demanding applications. Their unique design offers exceptional performance in high-pressure environments. Stop wasting time and money on leaks! Get a quote for reliable corn face female fittings today.

o ring hydraulic hose fittings

o ring face seal hydraulic hose fittings

Stop leaks in their tracks! O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings deliver secure connections for a wide range of pressures. Their innovative design utilizes an O-ring for a superior seal, ideal for demanding applications. Upgrade your hydraulic system’s reliability. Get a quote today!

british standard pipe thread (bsp) hydraulic hose fittings

British Standard Pipe Thread (BSP) hydraulic hose fittings

British Standard Pipe (BSP) fittings are a secure choice for hydraulic systems around the world. Available in both BSPP (parallel) and BSPT (tapered) options, they offer versatility for various applications. Stop leaks and ensure global compatibility! Browse our selection of BSP hydraulic hose fittings today.

metric thread hydraulic hose fittings​

Metric Thread hydraulic hose fittings

Our metric thread hydraulic hose fittings ensure a perfect fit for your imported equipment. These fittings offer secure connections, leak-proof performance, and compatibility with metric components. Don’t settle for adapters – get a truly secure connection. Request a quote today!

npt hydraulic hose fittings

National Pipe Thread (NPT) hydraulic hose fittings

NPT hydraulic fittings are your go-to for reliable, leak-proof connections in various hydraulic systems. Their tapered threads offer a secure seal, making them ideal for general-purpose applications. Upgrade your hydraulic system with confidence! Shop our selection of NPT hydraulic hose fittings today.

hydraulic hose flare fittings

SAE JIC 37° Flare hydraulic hose fittings

SAE JIC 37° flare hydraulic fittings are your armor against leaks in high-pressure systems. Their exceptional metal-to-metal seal delivers trusted performance. Upgrade your hydraulic system’s reliability! Browse our selection of SAE JIC 37° flare fittings today.

Different Hydraulic Hose Fittings by Material

Hydraulic hose fittings come in a variety of thread port types to suit different applications and ensure secure connections within a hydraulic system. Here’s a breakdown of some common thread port types:

stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings

stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings

Built for the toughest jobs, stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings deliver unmatched durability and corrosion resistance. Withstand harsh environments, pressure extremes, and a variety of fluids. Get a secure, leak-proof connection you can trust. Browse our selection of stainless steel hydraulic hose fittings today!

Zinc plated steel hydraulic fittings

Zinc-plated steel hydraulic hose fittings

Looking for a dependable, cost-effective solution for your low-pressure hydraulic systems? Our zinc-plated steel hydraulic fittings offer the perfect blend of affordability and strength. The zinc plating provides a layer of corrosion resistance, making them ideal for various applications. Browse our selection and find the right size and configuration for your hydraulic needs!

brass hydraulic hose fittings​

Brass hydraulic hose fittings

Built for dependable performance, our brass hydraulic fittings ensure a secure connection in even the toughest conditions. Their resistance to corrosion and high-burst pressures makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. Get a grip on your hydraulic system – browse our selection of brass hydraulic fittings today!

aluminum hydraulic hose fittings​

Aluminum hydraulic hose fittings

Reduce weight and boost efficiency with Aluminum Hydraulic Fittings! Crafted from high-strength aluminum, these fittings offer exceptional corrosion resistance at a fraction of the weight of steel. Perfect for weight-sensitive applications and mobile hydraulic systems, Aluminum Hydraulic Fittings deliver reliable performance without sacrificing durability.

Different Hydraulic Hose Fittings by Bend Degrees

Hydraulic hose fittings come in various bend degrees to accommodate different connection needs within a hydraulic system. Here’s a breakdown of some common bend degrees and their applications:

Choosing the Right Bend Degree of Hydraulic Hose Fittings

The selection of the appropriate bend degree hinges on several factors:

  • Space Constraints: In situations with limited space, a straight or angled fitting might be preferable to avoid tight bends in the hose.
  • Flow Direction: Consider the desired flow direction within your hydraulic system and choose a fitting that allows for smooth transitions without restricting flow.
  • Movement and Vibration: If the hydraulic system experiences movement or vibration, double-swivel fittings might be necessary to prevent hose strain.
  • Assembly Considerations: The ease of assembly and the need for future adjustments might influence your choice. For example, double-swivel fittings offer more flexibility during installation but might require retightening due to potential movement.
straight hydraulic fittings

Straight (0°) hydraulic hose fittings

These straight hydraulic hose fittings are the simplest fittings, offering a straight connection between the hose and another component. They’re ideal for applications where space is limited or a straight shot is needed for fluid flow.

Elbow (90°) hydraulic hose fittings

Elbow (90°) hydraulic hose fittings

Elbow fittings provide a 90-degree bend, allowing for a change in direction at a right angle. They’re commonly used for tight corners or connecting hoses to components at perpendicular angles. Welcome to customize 90 degree hydraulic hose fitting for your hydraulic systems. 

45 hydraulic hose fittings

45° hydraulic hose fittings

Angle fittings offer a bend at a specific angle, typically 45 degrees but sometimes other angles depending on the specific fitting. They provide more flexibility than elbows when navigating tight spaces or avoiding obstacles.

Hydraulic Hose Fitting Assortment

hydraulic hose fitting assortment (1)

A hydraulic hose fitting assortment is a collection of various hydraulic hose fittings used to connect hoses to hydraulic equipment. These fittings come in various shapes, sizes, and thread types to accommodate different hose diameters and connection requirements.

There are two main types of hydraulic hose fittings:

  • Crimp fittings: These fittings are attached to the hose using a hydraulic crimping tool. The crimping tool compresses the fitting onto the hose, creating a permanent seal.
  • Swage fittings: These fittings are attached to the hose by inserting the hose into the fitting and then tightening a nut or ferrule. Swage fittings are reusable.

Common types of hydraulic hose fittings included in an assortment kit:

  • JIC (Joint Industrial Council) fittingsThese are a common type of fitting used in hydraulic systems. JIC fittings have a 37-degree flare on the fitting that mates with a matching flare on the hose.
  • ORFS (O-ring Face Seal) fittingsThese fittings use an O-ring to create a seal between the fitting and the hose. ORFS fittings are a good choice for high-pressure applications.
  • BSP (British Standard Pipe) fittings: These fittings are commonly used in Europe and Asia. BSP fittings have a tapered thread that seals against a flat surface on the hose.
  • Metric fittingsThese fittings are measured in millimeters and are commonly used in European and Asian hydraulic systems.
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