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Hydraulic Hose Impulse Testing: The Definitive Guide to Impulse Testing Hydraulic Hose

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Each hydraulic hose made in the hydraulic hose manufacturer must be tested by different indicators, and let’s talk about the hydraulic hose impulse testing.

This is the definitive guide to impulse testing hydraulic hoses.

Let’s dive into this.

What Is Impulse Testing Hydraulic Hose?

impulse testing hydraulic hose
impulse testing hydraulic hose

The quality of the hydraulic hose is basically important to ensure that the hydraulic system can work well smoothly, so each hydraulic hose must be tested strictly and seriously. The hydraulic hose impulse testing can go first.

Here in the hydraulic hose factory, the impulse testing system is designed to generate impulse voltages that simulate lightning strikes and switching surges.

The impulse testing equipment will be prepared for the hydraulic hose impulse testing.

The hydraulic hose is used to convey the hydraulic fluids for the vehicle, machinery, or any project, which gets heat or power from the hydraulic systems. The hydraulic hose is an important part of working for the hydraulic system.

Why Hydraulic Hose Impulse Testing Is Important?

The impulse testing hydraulic hose is one of the key predictions to test the hydraulic hose service life, which means how long can you use the hydraulic hose for your hydraulic project, and when to replace the hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic hose impulse testing is used to test the pressurizing or cycling of the hose pressure, regularly the testing pressure will be times up to 130% of the normal working pressure. And the hydraulic hose is held in 90° and 180° configuration while in the impulse testing process.

The hydraulic hose must meet or exceed 2 times the minimum number of impulse cycles based on the standard. This is basically important to ensure safety at the rated working pressure, this is why each hydraulic hose must pass the impulse testing.

The testing pressure must be 2 times of working pressure, to ensure the hydraulic hose is qualified and certified before it is assembled in your hydraulic system. The flexing impulse testing for the hydraulic hose is the must-have indicator to find the hydraulic hose potential damages.

Impulse Testing Configurations for Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose impulse testing is the comprehensive testing to inspect the hydraulic hose quality and the impulse test for the hydraulic hose is an important indicator for hydraulic hose performance.

These are the standard impulse testing configurations for hydraulic hoses with different reinforcement.

  • Maximum Impulse Pressure: 225 bar x 125% = 281 bar (4,079 psi)
  • Temperature: 100°C at minimum
  • Bend Radius: 40mm
  • Impulse Cycles: One wire braided hydraulic hose and two-wire hydraulic hose can reach 200,000 impulse cycles during impulse testing. The four-wire spiral hydraulic hose can reach 400.000 impulse cycles during impulse testing
  • Test Time: The hydraulic hose impulse testing will last 72 hours, 3 days to test the hydraulic hose quality.

Hydraulic Hose Pressure Tester

hydraulic hose pressure tester
hydraulic hose pressure tester

If you are using the hydraulic hose for your machinery, and you can use the manual hydraulic hose pressure tester to know the hydraulic hose pressure rating.

This is mini hydraulic hose testing equipment you can use easily so that you can prepare this manual hydraulic test hose kit for your hydraulic system. And this hydraulic hose pressure tester can be used to test the working pressure of the hydraulic hoses assemblies on the excavator. The hydraulic hose for the excavator is widely applied in the building industry.

It’s much more important for you to choose a hydraulic hose pressure tester that is responsive and accurate. The fittings of the hydraulic hose pressure tester are made of qualified carbon steel, super durable with high strength.

When the pressure gauge is pressurized, you can read the hydraulic hose pressure number on the test panel. And please remove the pressure value after the testing procedure. 

If you are confused about the hydraulic hose pressure testing standards, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know more detailed info about the hydraulic hose impulse testing, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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