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Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China 2024

Discover top-tier Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China, delivering quality hoses meeting international standards. Trust excellence in every application.

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Are you in search of top-tier manufacturers specializing in hydraulic hoses for potential collaboration? Being a prominent industrial hub, China boasts numerous hydraulic hose manufacturers dedicated to delivering exceptional products globally.

In this discussion, we will delve into the top ten hydraulic fitting manufacturers in China.

Here are some leading hydraulic hose manufacturers in China, with the big capacity to provide you bulk hydraulic hoses for your local hydraulic hose business.

Laike Hydraulics

Established in 1995, Laike Hydraulics stands out as a premier hydraulic fittings manufacturer in China. They focus on creating top-notch hose fittings, hydraulic adapters, and related products extensively used in mining, machinery, transportation, shipping, and oil fields.

With over two decades of experience, they operate from an expansive 18,000 square meter facility, equipped with 200 sets of machines, employing 100 skilled workers, and stocking a comprehensive range of 40,000 commonly used items.

Their enduring commitment to “first class design, first class products, first class service” has firmly positioned Laike Hydraulics as a key player in hydraulic fittings and adapters. They extend a warm invitation to visitors from around the globe to explore their facilities and offerings.

With a reputation built on excellence, Laike Hydraulics welcomes everyone to experience their world-class products and services firsthand.

Kingdaflex Hydraulic Hose

For over two decades, Kingdaflex Industrial has stood out as a seasoned manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses in China. They serve as a comprehensive one-stop destination, offering a diverse range of hydraulic and industrial hoses.

Their products find extensive applications across various sectors, including agriculture, construction, coal mining, machinery, garden, automobile, and oil & gas industries.

Renowned for competitive pricing, consistent product quality, and punctual deliveries, Kingdaflex Industrial has fostered enduring business relationships with clients spanning over 50 countries.

XCD Machinery

Renowned for crafting top-notch hydraulic fittings in China, they specialize in offering premium hydraulic hose products.

Operating under the stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality control system, their factory ensures meticulous product standards. Customers widely embrace their factory for its cutting-edge system, effective management, and consistently superior product quality.

Fushida Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.

A proficient manufacturer in the realm of rubber hoses, they boast a sprawling establishment covering 50,000 square meters, featuring a standardized workshop spanning 20,000 square meters.

With a dedicated team of 100 employees, including over 10 engineers (5 of whom are senior engineers), they exhibit robust technical prowess. Their arsenal comprises sophisticated tooling equipment, comprehensive testing facilities, advanced production techniques, and an impeccable quality management system.


Established in 2008 with a registered capital of 168 million RMB, Qingdao Qingflex Hose Factory stands out among hydraulic hose manufacturers in China.

Situated in Qingdao West Coast New Area, covering 95,000 square meters, they employ over 500 workers. As a National high-tech enterprise, they specialize in R&D and manufacturing oilfield drilling hoses, acid frac hoses, and hydraulic hoses compliant with DIN, SAE, Japanese, and GB standards, showcasing their commitment to quality.

Cangzhou QC Hydraulics Co., Ltd

Established in 1999, Cangzhou QC Hydraulics Co., Ltd stands as an ISO 9001:2015 & SGS certified supplier, specializing in hydraulic fittings and stainless steel braided hose assembly.

They’ve evolved into a global leader with over 95% of their hydraulic fittings exported to countries like the USA, Canada, Germany, and more. Recognized by major manufacturers in North America and Europe, QC Hydraulics significantly contributes to the growth of wholesalers and distributors worldwide.

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