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Mining hose: the comprehensive guide 2022

Are you looking for reliable supplier to provide the best mining hose? Kingdaflex is the leading hose manufacturer to give the best solution for you to get the premium mining hose for your project. 

mining hose

The mining hose is specialized in the mining industry, a type of hydraulic hose, applied for the heave duty project. We can customize the mining hose for your hydraulics project, here we can provide different specifications of the mining hydraulic hose. 

wholesale mining hose

mining hose

mining hose

Kingdaflex mining hose is made of premium grade rubber materials, to ensure the best quality of the mining hose for your mining industry. 

solid mining abrasion rubber hose

solid mining abrasion rubber hose

The mining hose is manufactured with very thick cover, to avoid the abrasion harms for the heavy duty mining work, super important to ensure the safety. 

rubber mining hose

rubber mining hose

Kingdaflex rubber mining hose is made of premium rubber compound material, including compounds including NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, silicone and etc.

mining hose features

custom mining hose

Colour: Black
Tube: NR/BR blend Super Abrasion Resistant Rubber
Cover: Abrasion, UV and Ozone resistant rubber
Reinforcement: Spiral Synthetic fabric and wire helix
Size Available: DN50 to DN1200
Temperature: -30°C / + 70°C

The mining hose can be customized with your hose brand name, and we can print your private label on the hose

mining hose applications

mining hose application

mining hose for mining industrial project

The mining hose is widely applied for mining industrial uses, specially designed with hard-wall. The mining hose has the greatest anti-abrasion and anti-corrosion for mining applications. For more, quote us now!

mining hose use

mining hose for mining operation

The rubber mining hose is made of the premium rubber material, to ensure that it can work well within the mining operation process. 

mining hose for digging

mining hose for mountain machine

Kingdaflex has the wide range of mining hose, that can be applied for your heavy duty project. Welcome to contact us at any time if you are looking for the qualified mining hose. 

mining hose fAQs

The hose is playing an important role in the mining equipment, and we need the mining hose in many places during the process of mining. The mining hose is a type of hydraulic hose, that used for the mining industrial projects. 

kingdaflex hydraulic hose