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Get Your Desired Custom Hydraulic Hoses: Ultimate Guide 2022

Before you place the order to get custom hydraulic hoses, please be clear about what hydraulic hoses you are needing for your current hydraulic project. 

Follow me to get a clue, to know how to select a proper hydraulic hose for your own hydraulic line. 

Here are some aspects of the hydraulic hose selection you need to consider seriously. We recommend STAMPED principle to help you get the hydraulic hose option. 

Here, we can customize the hydraulic hose to achieve your desired look, including hydraulic hose length, inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, layline and etc. 

Table of Contents

Hydraulic Hose ID

The firstly important step to get custom hydraulic hoses is to ensure hydraulic hose ID (inside diameter). You can measure hydraulic hoses using the vernier caliper to get accurate hydraulic hose ID specifications. 

Here are some popular hydraulic hose inside diameters we have.

1/8″ Hydraulic Hose

3/8″ Hydraulic Hose

3/16″ Hydraulic Hose

1/4″ Hydraulic Hose

5/16″ Hydraulic Hose

1/2″ Hydraulic Hose

5/8″ Hydraulic Hose

3/4″ Hydraulic Hose

1-1/8″ Hydraulic Hose

7/8″ Hydraulic Hose

2″ Hydraulic Hose

1-1/4″ Hydraulic Hose

After you get your hydraulic hose inner diameter, and then it’s time to go next.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Length

hydraulic hose assembly

It’s also important to know the hydraulic hose assembly tolerances.

At the very beginning, you need to be clear about the hydraulic hose lengths (including the part inserted into the hydraulic hose fittings). 

Here, I recommend that you can prepare a custom hydraulic hose with extra length, rather than tight length to beat the hydraulic hose tolerance.

During the hydraulic hose installation, don’t make your hydraulic hose too tight. This will cause hydraulic hose problems, such as hydraulic hose burst, break and etc. Too tight hydraulic hose assembly work will add much more pressure to the inner tube, causing some potential damages. So that longer is much better than shorter because you can cut off the extra length of a hydraulic hose for the proper hose assemblies. 

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Orientation

hydraulic hose assembly orientation

The hydraulic hose fitting’s orientation can decide how you layout hydraulic hoses. You need to make a hydraulic hose routing and then ensure the hydraulic hose assembly orientation. 

Here are some popular hydraulic hose fittings’ orientation angles that you will meet during the process of hydraulic hose assemblies.

  • 0° Orientation (hydraulic hose fittings are aligned)
  • 45° Orientation
  • 90° Orientation
  • 135° Orientation
  • 180° Orientation
  • 225° Orientation
  • 270° Orientation
  • 315° Orientation

If the hydraulic hose fitting’ orientation is settled, you will get a clue about the hydraulic hose routing. Please avoid the sharp object edges to protect hydraulic hoses. 

Different orientations can be combined to finish the whole hydraulic hose assembling, and please contact us at any time if you can’t ensure your own hydraulic hose orientation.

Custom Hydraulic Hose with Private Logo

custom hydraulic hose with private logo

Here are many types of hydraulic hoses in the hydraulic hose market, and these types are commonly used globally. And you will get the molded hose from the hydraulic hose supplier.

And we are the direct hydraulic hose factory, with the hydraulic hose making production line, so that we can provide custom hydraulic hoses, printed with your private logo for hydraulic hose brand.

Your logo and brand name can be printed on the surface of the hydraulic hose cover, hydraulic hose packing materials, hydraulic hose packaging and etc.

Hydraulic Hose Labeling

hydraulic hose labeling

Do you want to label your hydraulic hose for the hydraulic hose warehouse management? Of course, we could do the hydraulic hose labeling, to get the metal tags or similar to stamp wording on the hydraulic hose outer cover. You can label the hydraulic hoses categorized by the lengths, colors, uses and etc, which is helpful for you to find the right hydraulic hose at once.

Various types of materials can be used to make the hydraulic hose labels, and we can use plastic markers to paste on the hydraulic hose surface so that the hydraulic hose labels can classify the hose hydraulic hose based on the variations.

And also we can customize the hydraulic hose labeling for you, which is the basic important method for hydraulic hose identification.

Steps to Get Your Custom Hydraulic Hose

Step 1: Choose hydraulic hose type:

Here are multiple hydraulic hoses for you to choose from, including spiral hydraulic hose, braided hydraulic hose categorized by the reinforcement manufacturing method; 1-wire hydraulic hose, 2-wire hydraulic hose, 4-wire hydraulic hose, 6-wire hydraulic hose categorized by the reinforcement layers; and etc. In short, the first step is to ensure what hydraulic hose you are seeking.

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Step 2: Choose hydraulic hose bore:

hydraulic hose bore

And then you need to ensure the hydraulic diameter, hydraulic hose bore, are clear about what pressure your hydraulic hose should bear, and what diameter of the hydraulic hose should be. For all of these parameters, you can consult the hydraulic hose expert ahead of time.

And please don’t be hesitate to ask us anything, to choose your suitable hydraulic hose, with right diameter and hydraulic hose pressure rating.

Step 3: Choose hydraulic hose length:

Then it’s time to decide your hydraulic hose length. View our hydraulic hose measurement guide and then decide how many meters of the hydraulic hose you want. Here we can custom hydraulic hose with these lengths, including 40m, 80m, 100mm and etc.

It’s flexible for you to customize your wanted length.

Step 4: Customize Your Hydraulic Hose Logo

Here we can customize your custom hydraulic hoses to print your private logo on the hydraulic hose layline. Flexible to produce your custom hydraulic hoses to meet your desired look.

With our custom-made hydraulic systems, we can handle everything for you about the hydraulic hoses, from hydraulic hose selection to hydraulic hose assemblies, we can provide a one-stop supply for your hydraulic project.

Here is something basically important you can share with us, and then you can provide the custom hydraulic hoses based on these requirements in the following.

  • Temperature ranges, both mechanical and environmental
  • Type of hydraulic fluid or gas being used in your hydraulic project
  • Machine or tool specifications
  • Pressure,  to ensure the working pressure and burst pressure of the hydraulic hose

Overall, our custom hydraulic hoses could be the better alternatives for you to choose hydraulic hose companies. Thousands of our clients can say aloud to show our qualified hydraulic hoses.

Final Thoughts

Welcome to contact us now to get your custom hydraulic hoses. We could be a reliable hydraulic hose supplier to be a better choice for you.

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