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New Product – Nylon Outer Braided Oil Cooler Hose

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Our company is committed to continuously providing some amazinghigh quality, high reliability and high performance products. A few days ago, our company launched a new product- oil cooler hose braided with nylon.

Structure system—oil cooler hose

The hose features an e85 compatible PTFE inner layers, wrapped by a single layers of stainless steel and wrapped again with a layer of Nylon braid.

Hose inside materialPTFE,Rubber
Hose Outer MaterialNylon,stainless steel braided
Hose SizeAN3-AN16
Inside Diameter3.5-22.5
Wall Thickness0.85-1.2
Working PSI870-4640PSI
Burst PSI5539-14326
Outside Diameter6.6-26


  • Designed to withsatand harsh environments, brutal vibrations, high flow requirements and extremee pressures
  • Double-helix ribbed linner hose linner offers extreme flexibility and full flow making tough plumbing jobs a snap with less hard connection
  • Assembled with an olive that threads onto the double-helix ribbed inner liner of the hose for positive engagement and retention of the hose-ends
  • Available in popular AN3-AN16 sizes in both woven polyester braid and stainless steel braid
  • VMT Nylon, stainless steel braid hose is up to 67% lighter than traditional rubber hose with stainless steel braid 


It’s widely used in automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, racing car,brake line, clutch line, fuel system, turbocharging system,oil supply hose,cooling system, oil pressure system, instrument line, power steering system, etc.


So How Long Does an Oil Cooler Hose (Automatic Transmission) Last?

Keeping all of the fluids in a car at the right temperature is very important. Having too much heat in the engine can cause a lot of damage. The various parts of the cooling system help to regulate the internal temperature of the engine. The oil cooler and oil cooler hose are an important part of keeping the oil and transmission fluid of a car cooled down. As these fluids circulate, they will begin to get hotter and hotter. These fluids will pass through the oil cooler hose and into the oil cooler where they are ran through a series of rows. When driving your car, the oil cooler hose will have to be functional in order to eliminate the heat that is produced.

The oil cooler hose is designed to last for nearly as long as the engine does. Over time, the heat that this hose is exposed to will usually start to wear it down. Most of the oil cooler hoses on the market are made from both rubber and metal. It is usually the rubber portion of the hose that will give out and make it necessary to get a new one. Taking the time to visually inspect this hose on a regular basis is a great way to spot any damages that may be present early on.

The faster you are able to catch these issues and get them fixed, the better off you and your engine will be. Having leaking oil cooler hoses can lead to the engine becoming low on oil. The friction that this low oil level will bring to the internal parts of the engine can create a good bit of damage.

If your oil cooler hose is broken, here are some of the things that you may start to notice:

  • There is oil leaking from the hose
  • The Low Oil Level Light is on
  • The engine is running much hotter than normal

A broken oil cooler hose is a very serious repair issue and needs to be treated as such. You will have to find a professional mechanic that is able to offer you the work you need to get your oil cooler hose replaced.

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