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PVC steel wire reinforced hose

Kingdaflex is the leading hose manufacturer, to supply all types of hoses. The PVC steel wire reinforced hose is widely applied for various industries to vacuum water and chemical fluids. Here welcome to quote us now to get spiral reinforced steel PVC hose for your project. 

PVC steel wire reinforced hose

The PVC steel wire hose was designed with the steel wire helix reinforcement, to strengthen the whole hose pipe, making it much more durable. The PVC steel hose can also be used as the suction and discharge hose, for various industries field. 

wholesale PVC wire steel reinforced hose

pVC steel spring reinforced clear vacuum hose

This is the PVC steel wire reinforced hose, made of clear PVC plastic, reinforced with the steel spring helix to strengthen. 

clear pVC steel wire hose

This is the clear PVC hose reinforced with the steel wire, to make it much stronger, which can be used for a long time, up to many years. 

pVC steel coil reinforced hose

The pvc steel coil reinforced hose can be used as the suction hose to vacuum or pump oil & fluids for the mechanical engineering powered by oil. 

steel wire reinforced pVC hose

The steel wire reinforced pvc hose can be manufactured with various colors, adding the color pigment to the PVC material. You can get blue, green, and other colors. 

anti-uV pVC steel wire reinforced hose

The PVC steel wire hose is designed with the excellent anti-UV ability, to make itself much more durable and reusable. 

corrugated pVC spiral steel wire reinforced hose

The corrugated PVC hose is designed with spiral steel wire as the reinforcement, to make it much more fleixible and stronger for the application. 

PVC steel wire hose

wholesale PVC wire steel reinforced hose

PVC Material

The PVC hose is made of premium PVC material (polyvinyl chloride), super flexible and durable.

easy installation

It is easy to install the PVC steel wire hose for your project, and also much easier to keep the maintenance.


We can customize the pvc stainless steel wire hose to meet your desire, to achieve your wanted lengths, colors, diameters and etc.

PVC material

Our PVC braided suction hose is made of premium PVC material, with excellent UV resistance and corrosion resistance. The top-rated raw material can determine high grade quality, to produce the best PVC steel wire hose. 

PVC hose manufacturer

We have pvc steel wire reinforced hose manufacturer, equipped with advanced hose manufacturing machinery, so that we have ability to make bulk PVC steel reinforced hose for your project. 

Steel wire PVC hose customization

We can customize the wholesale pvc steel wire hose for any project, colors, lengths, diameters can be customized to meet your requirement. Please quote us to start your PVC customization. 

Steel wire PVC hose packing

Finally, the steel PVC hose will be packed in a roll after the inspection process. Flexible for you to choose the packaging materials before loading them in the container. 

PVC steel wire reinforced hose

What is PVC steel wire reinforced hose?

The PVC steel wire reinforced hose is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) hose, designed with the stainless steel as the reinforcement layer to add strength to the whole hose pipe. 

What is PVC steel wire reinforced hose made of?

The steel wire reinforced PVC hose is made of 100% PVC plastic, safe and environmentally-friendly. Non-toxic, without smelling. PVC steel wire reinforced hose is lightweight, with excellent flexibility, and soft. Anti abrasion, anti-corrosion, anti-aging.

Steel Wire Reinforced PVC Hose Advantages
  • Flexible, you can lay the soft PVC steel coiled to any places.
  • UV-resistant, also anti chemical corrosion.
  • Anti-static, safe and sound. 
  • Weather resistant, can be used in any working conditions. 
  • Easy to install for your project, and you can complete the installation process yourself. 
Can i customize the hose?

Of course, we can customize the steel wire reinforced hose according to your requirement, to achieve your desired length, color, diameters and etc. China PVC steel wire hose is qualified well, and we provide the customization service to offerect you the best steel reinforced PVC suction hose. 

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