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china manufacturer Fire Sleeve for hose protection

We can provide the top-rated fire sleeve for the hose protection, with high heat resistance. Different lengths, diameters are provided according to your requirement. Our fire sleeve is strictly certified to ensure its high qualify. Get the lastest price to order the competitive fire sleeve protector. 

custom fire sleeve for hose protection

The fire sleeve is widely applied for hose protection, and here we can customize the fire sleeve to meet your desire. Kingdaflex fire sleeve protector is designed with excellent flexibility. Here are some fire sleeves that are used to protect the hydraulic hose during its service life. 

fire sleeve


The fire sleeve is made of several materials, including fiberglass inside to give the good heat resistance.

silicone-coated Surface

The fire sleeve is coated with the silicone surface, with the ability to avoid heating damage.

hose protection

Fire sleeve shealting is ideal for protecting hydraulic hose against high temperature.


This Hook-and-loop design that is sewn inside is super convenient, useful for a simple and easy installation.


The silicone-coated surface of the fire sleeve protector has the excellent heat insulation property.


We can customize the fire sleeve with different lengths, colors, diameters for your project.

wholesale fire sleeve

fire sleeve

silicone-coated fire sleeve

The fire sleeve is made of rubber material coated with silicone. And the fire sleeving sheath is used to protect the hydraulic hose. 

heat shielded fire sleeve

The fire sleeve can give a protective barrier to the hydraulic hose pipe, and keep it away from the heat damage. 

custom fire sleeve

The fire sleeve can customized with various colors, lengths, and diameters. Get the customized fire sleeve for hose protection. 

silicone fiberglass fire sleeve

The fire sleeve is made of silicone, coated with the fiberglass inside. Excellent heat resistance for hydraulic hose. 

fire sleeve for hydraulic hose

The silicone-coated fire sleeve can be exposed to the heating environment, to give the continuous protection to hoses. 

wholesale fire sleeve

The fire sleeve can be customized to different lengths, for easy installation on any occasion. 

fire sleeve manufacturing Process

Here is the manufacturing process to produce the top-rated fire sleeve. 

  1. Mixing silicone rubber: Prepare the raw materials for making fire sleeve, including silicone (outer part of the fire sleeve, as the protector); glassfiber for the inner part. 
  2. Coiling Glassfiber: To coil the fiber glass inside of the fire sleeve. 
  3. Coating: To coat the fire sleeve with the silicone rubber, to give the ability to the resist heating, high temperature in the woking environment.  
  4. Tubing: Then create the finished fire sleeve. 
  5. Inspecting: To inspect the quality of the fire sleeve, to test its fireproof performance, and heat-shielding performance. 
  6. Rolling: Then the fire sleeve will be cut into target lengths, and roll it over. 
  7. Packaging: Get ready for the packaging process, and we can use the plastic film to pack them all. 
  8. Pallet: Then place the packed fire sleeve on the wooden pallet, and store them in the warehouse. 
  9. Container: Load the fire sleeve with the pallet on the container. 
  10. Shipping: Finally, we will ship the fire sleeve to your place, you will receive your fire sleeve within 15~60 working days. 

fire sleeve application

The fire sleeve has the wide applications, especially for the  high temperature working areas, to resist the heating damage. So you can use the fire sleeve cover to wrap the hoses, cables, fluid pipelines, rolling mill cables, oil pipes, and etc. In a word, the fire sleeve can protect the tube, hose, cord, pipe and anything related safe, also ensure their service life. 

need help to get fire sleeve?

If you have any questions about the fire sleeve, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can get the latest pricing here to start to order the fire sleeve for your hydraulic project!

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