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Get top-rated sandblast hose from china hose manufacturer

The sandblast hose is the hose used to convey abrasive materials, such as sand, dirt, steel shot and etc, for abrasive-blasting applications. Kingdaflex is the leading hose manufacturer, providing top-rated sandblast hose. Welcome to quote us now if you are looking for the hose for the sandblaster. 

kingdaflex sandblast hose

Here we are the leading hose manufacturer, with the experienced techniques to manufacture various types of the hose, and sandblast hose the trending hose that has the wide application. 

sandblasting hose size

Various sandblast hose Size

1/2 inch sandblasting hose: This size is commonly used for small to medium-sized sandblasting jobs. It is suitable for use with most types of sandblasting equipment and can handle a wide range of abrasive media.

3/4 inch sandblasting hose: This size is suitable for larger sandblasting jobs where a higher volume of abrasive media is required. It is often used in industrial settings, such as in manufacturing and construction, and can handle heavy-duty applications.

1 inch sandblasting hose: This size is suitable for the largest sandblasting jobs and is commonly used in industrial settings. It can handle high volumes of abrasive media and is often used with heavy-duty sandblasting equipment.

wholesale sandblast hose

bulk sandblast hose

bulk sandblast hose

Here we have stored bulk sandblast hose, made of top-rated rubber material. The sandblast hose is structured well for the sandblasting, steel shot, and any other abrasive materials that will carry high velocity.

sandblast hose for sale

sandblast rubber hose

The sandblast hose is made of rubber material, and the rubber is lined well tightly. You can get the sandblast hose for sale, varied in different sizes and lengths. Flexible to customize your desired sandblast hose for your project. 

sandblast hose pipe

sandblast hose pipe

The sandblast hose pipe is reinforced with the high strength synthetic cord plus helix wire. Super strong enough to carry the sandblast, steel shot, and many other abrasive materials. Welcome to contact us to get more details. 

abrasive sandblast hose

abrasive sandblast hose

The abrasive sandblast hose is made of synthetic rubber material, with excellent tightness. With special reinforced agents added, our sandblast hose is super smooth, with bending resistance, tensile resistance, aging resistance and etc. 

hose for sandblaster

china sandblast hose

China sandblast hose is super qualified, and we are the leading sandblast hose factory to provide your the top-rated sandblast hose pipe. With various lengths and sizes, super flexible for you to get your desired sandblast hose from China. 

colored sandblast hose

colored sandblast hose

Besides the most popular black sandblast hose, and we also have the colored sandblast hose. We can customize your hose company name the same as the hydraulic hose layline. For more, please feel free to quote samples now. 

sandblasting hose and nozzle

sandblasting hose and nozzle

The sandblasting hose and nozzle can be customized to meet your desire, and the whole set sandblast hose with nozzle is the must-have tool for your certain hydraulic project. 

sandblast replacement hose

sandblasting replacement hose

The sandblaster replacement hose are the extensions, ready to use for your sandblast hose installation if the current sandblast hose is not enough. 

sandblast hose fittings

sandblast hose fittings

The sandblast hose fittings are the important accessories installed for the sandblast hose, and all fittings are available to match the sandblast. Welcome to quote us now to get them. 

sandblast hose size chart

The sandblast hose can be manufactured with different sizes, varied in lengths, diameters, and thicknesses. Below is the sandblast hose size chart to help choose the proper sandblasting hose to satisfy your needs for your project. 

The table below will show you everything about the sandblast size, including Hose I.D (inner diameter), hose O.D (outer diameter), working pressure, burst pressure, and also weight. 

Of course, we can customize the sandblast according to your requirement, to work out the best sandblast for you. 

Hose I.DHose O.DWorking PressureBurst PressureWeight
321 1/44810/12150/18030/36450/5401.30
381 1/25610/12150/18030/36450/5401.73
451 3/46310/12150/18030/36450/5401.98
642 1/28210/12150/18030/36450/5402.70

Sandblasting Hose Packaging

sandblasting hose packaging

Sandblasting hoses are typically packaged and shipped in a few different ways, depending on the size and length of the hose.

  1. Coiled: Smaller sandblasting hoses, such as those with a 1/2-inch diameter, are often coiled and packaged in a box or bag. Coiled hoses take up less space and are easier to store and transport, making them a convenient option for smaller sandblasting jobs.

  2. Straight lengths: Larger sandblasting hoses, such as those with a 3/4-inch or 1-inch diameter, are typically packaged in straight lengths of 50 feet or more. These hoses are often rolled and tied with a strap or packaged in a box or bag. Straight lengths are more commonly used in industrial settings where longer hoses are required for larger sandblasting jobs.

  3. Custom lengths: Sandblasting hoses can also be cut to custom lengths to fit specific application requirements. Custom lengths are often coiled or rolled and tied with a strap for storage and transport.

In addition to packaging, sandblasting hoses are also typically labeled with important information such as the hose size, working pressure, and temperature range. It is important to carefully read and follow all instructions and safety precautions when using sandblasting hoses.

Frequently asked questions

We are professional hose provider, to supply all types of hoses, and the sandblast hose is widely applied for the project. Here are some frequently asked questions about the sandblast hose. 

what is sandblast hose?

The sandblast hose, can be also called abrasive sandblasting hose, or blast hose

And the sandblast hose is widely applied to move highly abrasive materials, such as sand, dirt, steel shot, coal slag, and aluminum oxide for abrasive-blasting applications. For example, the ship factory can use the sandblast hose to remove the stain on the ship. 

Compared with other hydraulic hoses, the sandblast hose is designed with a very thick inner tube, to resist the high pressure caused by the blasting materials during the working process. 

what is sandblast hose made of?

rubber sandblasting hose

The sandblast hose is a type of industrial hose, made of rubber material, and consists of three layers. Three layers of the sandblasting hose are made of different materials. 

Tube: Black conductive NR, abrasion-resistant
Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords
Cover: Black conductive SBR/NR, abrasion and ozone resistant

The inner tube is very thick, to ensure its long span life. In our hose factory, we utilize the top-rated raw material to product the sandblast hose, to ensure its high quality. 

how long should sandblast hose be?

During the manufacturing process, each sandblast hose will be cut to be 40m. And we can cut the sandblast hose to the target length according to your requirement. Yes, it’s flexible to customize your desired length, that will be installed properly on your working machine. 

And you can cut the sandblast hose to become shorter, and the shorter hose for sandblasting can work much longer due to the abrasive pressure. 

what is sandblast hose used for?

sandblast hose application

Sandblast hose has the wide applications, and it is widely used in the water, mining industry, shipping factory and other places, where needs to deliver the abrasive materials, including sand, steel shot, and etc. 

kingdaflex hydraulic hose