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Velcro fire sleeve

Velcro sleeve

Velcro sleeve is the must-have accessory to protect your fire sleeves to avoid the potential damages during its service life. Kingdaflex also provides  the fire sleeve with velcro for any projects that needs heat insulation. For more, please feel free to contact us now. 

Premium Velcro sleeve for hose sleeve

The velcro sleeve works for the hose protection used in working conditions where the High Temperature, Heat, and Flame. So the velcro sleeve can give a protective coat to expand the shelf life. The velcro sleeve is the basically important protection method to keep your hoses safe. 

Special features

yellow velcro for fire sleeve

Various Colors

The velcro sleeve can be manufactured with different colors, and you can choose the color to match your hose products.

velcro heat sleeve

Heat Resistant

The velcro heat sleeve can provide the strong protection in the extreme working conditions. Fire resistant glassfiber is super important.

red velcro sleeve


Velcro sleeve is the cost-efficient method to protect your hydraulic hoses, tubes, pipes, and wires away from the potential harms.

red velcro

Wholesale Prices

You can get the velcro sleeves directly from the sleeve manufacturer, to enjoy a wholesale price, much cheaper than the local stores.


MATERIALSFiberglass, Silicone Rubber Coating, Snap Button
SIZE RANGE3/8″ (10mm) – 12″ (305mm)
WORKING TEMPERATUREContinuous working at 500°F (260°C), peaks at 3000°F (1650°C)
COLOR OPTIONSStandard: Iron Oxide Red; Others: Blue, Black, Yellow, Grey, etc. on request
ROLL LENGTHAvailable in random cut length as per customer’s request
AVAILABLE OPTIONSSpecial bulk packaging (maximize productivity / minimize waste) Custom printing
TYPICAL INDUSTRIESHose Fabrication, Oil & Gas, OEM, Locomotive, Metals

Velcro Sleeve Function

The velcro hose protection sleeve has many functions, it can bring heat insulation, and can be used as the best flame retardant for hydraulic hose protection. And the velcro fire sleeve is widely applied for hose protection, to provide a strong barrier to stop the heating and immerse in the working conditions were the very temperature. 

What’s more, the velcro sleeves can also be used for heavy-duty machinery, including drilling machinery, injection molds, well machinery, digging machinery and etc. The velcro sleeve is fireproof, heat insulated, and also can be reused for a long time. 

In a word, you can use the velcro sleeve to wrap the hoses, tubes, cables, wires and etc, for any needed projects. 

Velcro Sleeve FAQs

A Velcro sleeve is a type of protective sleeve that features a Velcro closure system. It is designed to wrap around cables, wires, or hoses to provide protection against abrasion, tangling, and damage.

Velcro sleeves are widely used in different industries and applications. They are commonly employed in home theaters, offices, data centers, and automotive environments for cable management. They are also used in industrial settings to organize and protect wiring and hoses.

Yes, Velcro sleeves come in various sizes to accommodate different cable diameters or bundle sizes. They are typically flexible and can be easily cut or trimmed to the desired length.

Yes, Velcro sleeves are designed for reusability. The hook-and-loop closure system allows for repeated opening and closing, making them convenient for adding or removing cables from the bundle.

The flame resistance of Velcro sleeves depends on the specific materials used. Some Velcro sleeves are made from flame-resistant materials, while others may not offer the same level of fire protection. It is important to check the product specifications or labels for information regarding flame resistance.

Some Velcro sleeves are designed for outdoor use and are made from materials that can withstand exposure to the elements. However, it is crucial to check the product specifications to ensure that the chosen sleeve is suitable for outdoor applications.

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