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Braid Fire Sleeve Vs Knit Fire Sleeve: What Are Differences Between Them?

Here Are Two Types of Fire Sleeves in the Market, Including Braid Fire Sleeve and Knit Fire Sleeve, and Today Let's See What Differences Between them. 

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Here are two types of fire sleeves in the market, including braid fire sleeve and knit fire sleeve, and today let’s see what differences between them.

Braid Fire Sleeve

braid fire sleeve

In order to offer the best level of protection in crucial regions that can be exposed to strong fire conditions, braided aerospace grade fire sleeves use a braided inside fiberglass sleeve. Inside engine compartments, oil lines are a typical application. Braided fire sleeves can be used in underground mines and aerospace applications and other heavy industries, such as automotive, maritime, locomotive, OEM, and oil & gas, frequently use braided fire sleeves.

Kingdaflex additionally offers a braided fire sleeve, the inner of which is braided with fire-resistant fiberglass. You have a variety of options for protecting your hydraulic hose.

  • The substrate has more fiberglass, and the covering contains silicone.
  • The hydraulic hose that is working in a hot environment should be protected.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications where working conditions are hot and the ambient temperature is hot.
  • To provide the hoses inside with the best protection, the silicone coating is thicker.
  • We offer various lengths and diameters to fit the sizes of your hydraulic hoses.

Knit Fire Sleeve

knit fire sleeve

    Knitted industrial-grade fire sleeves are frequently used for hose and cable protection in industrial settings where radiant heat and the potential for molten splashing are the main concerns. For heavy sectors like OEM and iron and steel, a knitted fire sleeve is the most popular option. For better durability and improved heat and flame protection, industrial fire sleeves are covered with a unique silicone rubber composition.

    The lightweight, flexible, and expandable Kingdaflex knit fire sleeve is fitted on hydraulics to provide the hydraulic line with significant protection during the course of its useful life.

    • Suitable for a wide range of situations and applications that call for hydraulic hoses, including welding operations and general industrial hose protection.
    • We provide customized lengths based on your needs.
    • The finest instrument for protecting hydraulic lines is a silicone-coated knit fire sleeve.
    • In order to lower the final weight of the assembly, it is much lighter than the braided fire sleeve.

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