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PVC vs Rubber Air Hose: Which Air Hose Is Much Better?

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PVC air hose and rubber air hose, and here are some differences between them.

pvc air hose vs rubber
pvc air hose vs rubber

PVC, abbreviated for Polyvinyl Chloride is a synthetic plastic polymer, that is widely used in many industries, also hose manufacturing. Compared with the flexible rubber air hose, the PVC air hose is much more brittle due to PVC’s physical structure.

The rubber material originates from the elastic substance obtained from the tropical plant, yes, the rubber substance is extracted from the milky juice from the rubber tree (hevea brasiliensis). So natural rubber is much more flexible than synthetic rubber and PVC, a synthetic plastic substance.

Natural rubber is ordinary material that is used in the industrial field, mainly utilized for the parts of automobiles, heavy-duty machinery, tires, hoses, tubes, and many other tools, etc.


PVC air hose is made of PVC, a synthetic plastic material, that is scratch resistant and stronger than regular plastic.

Rubber air hose is made of natural rubber material, a much more flexible and elastic material than PVC.


Rubber air hose is much heavier than PVC air hose, but it is still can be made to be lightweight. The PVC air hose vs rubber can be manufactured with the proper weight for easier installation.


Compared with the PVC air hose, rubber air hose has rich elasticity, due to the natural rubber physical stability. And rubber air hose is much more flexible than a still plastic air hose so it is much easier for you to layout the rubber air hose in any place, even with small edges or stiff corners for your project.

PVC air hose is less elastic and much easier to be broken, and I do recommend that you can choose the rubber air hose if you want excellent flexibility to organize the rubber air hose.


PVC air hose is much harder to bent or twisted because it is much stiffer than rubber material so you can choose the PVC air hose if you want the solid air hose. The rubber hose is bendable with the help of the rubber’s physical flexibility.


Based on the flexibility, I will stand with a rubber air hose, because it is made from stretchable rubber material. The rubber air hose is designed with a small bend radius so that you can bend it at ease if required for your project.

On the contrary, PVC air hose is less flexible to bend when it is needed to be used in the hard places.