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Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Propane?

The hydraulic hose comes with the feature to deliver oils and fluids for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, and is a hydraulic hose compatible with propane?

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The hydraulic hose comes with the feature to deliver oils and fluids for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, and is a hydraulic hose compatible with propane?

Can You Use the Hydraulic Hose for Propane?

hydraulic hose for propane

Absolutely Yes!

The hydraulic hose is the most common type of hose that is used to deliver air, liquids, gas, and other substances for industrial applications.

Because the hydraulic hose is made of rubber material, the rubber material can be compatible with many different substances without any reactions.

You can use the hydraulic hose for propane delivery because the hydraulic hose can offer excellent pressure strength for propane. You can read this blog to know more knowledge about hydraulic hoses for propane.

Here are some reasons why the hydraulic hose can be used for propane.

Why Hydraulic Hose Instead of Regular Hose?

propane hydraulic hose

The hydraulic hose is specifically designed to withstand the extremely high pressure, generated by the hydraulic systems. This type of hose is reinforced with multiple layers of stainless steel wires or textile wires to add extra strength to prevent bursting issues.

But the regular hose is just normal, for you to use in your daily life, to deliver the water, oil anything else for the occasions where not require high working pressure. In contrast, the hydraulic hose is widely applied in industrial fields, such as construction, mining, digging, etc where needs heavy-duty machinery.

So you have the use the hydraulic hose to deliver the propane rather than the regular hose.

High Pressure Strength

propane hose

The pressure required for the propane tank ranges from 100 psi to 200 psi to deliver the propane gas, this pressure is limited within the high pressure hydraulic hose. A normal hydraulic hose can be compatible with 5000 psi working pressure, so it can be easily compatible with propane liquid.

So hydraulic hose for propane can keep the propane liquid state in working conditions, and the hydraulic hoses can be installed for the propane tank to transfer the propane for various applications.

For example, you can use the tractor supply propane hose for the propane tank.

High Temperature Resistance

The propane can maintain in the temperature range from 40 to 180F, and the hydraulic hoses can be used in high-temperature working conditions, up to 250 F temperature. So you can use the hydraulic hose for propane without any issues.

Nonreactive Propane Liquid

Propane air is a reactive flammable gas, it is much more dangerous than propane liquid because propane liquid is poorly reactive. So it is absolutely safe to deliver the propane liquid using the hydraulic hose.

And the propane liquid can’t do any damage to the hydraulic hose, due to its poor reaction while delivering.

Precautions to Choose Hydraulic Hose for Propane

Here are precautions important for you to choose for propane uses.

  • Make sure the hydraulic hose is rated for propane because here some hydraulic hoses are rated for petroleum-based liquid, gasoline. So please be sure the hydraulic hose you select can be used for propane.
  • Keep hydraulic hose and fittings tight and secure to ensure they are safe to be installed for the propane systems.
  • Connect the hydraulic hose to your propane tank properly, to ensure security, and you’d better find an experienced propane tank specialist to complete the hydraulic hose installation for you if you are not familiar with it.
  • Maintain your hydraulic hose regularly, and replace it with new ones if you find any issues, such as leakage, abrasion, dust and etc.

LPG Hose

The LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) hose is specifically designed to deliver and transfer LP gas and propane in industrial applications, such as construction, agriculture, etc.

Final Thoughts

The hydraulic hose can be an inexpensive method for you to deliver & transfer the propane for the propane supply. The hydraulic hose has great features that can be compatible with the propane liquid, and without any worries about the issues, such as leakage, wastage and etc.

For more detailed info about the propane hose, please feel free to contact us at any time. We can offer a complete guide for you to get your desired hydraulic hoses for propane.

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