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Difference Between 4SP and 4SH Hose

This article delves deep into the nuances of these two hose types, deciphering the differences between them. Quote hydraulic hoses now.

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The 4SP and 4SH hoses are two significant types of hydraulic hoses used in a multitude of applications in diverse industries. These hoses are intricately designed, structurally resilient, and functionally optimized to withstand different operating conditions.

This article delves deep into the nuances of these two hose types, deciphering the differences between them.

Overview of Hydraulic Hoses

kingdaflex hydraulic hose supplier
kingdaflex hydraulic hose supplier

Hydraulic hoses are designed to carry hydraulic fluid to or among hydraulic components, valves, actuators, and tools. Hydraulic hoses are differentiated based on their reinforcement layers, construction materials, specifications, and their pressure ratings. Among these, 4SP and 4SH hoses are particularly known for their high-pressure performance.

4SP Hose: An In-depth Understanding

4sp hose
4sp hose

The 4SP hose is a robust hydraulic hose designed for high-pressure applications. Its structure entails four layers of high-tensile steel wire spiral wraps. The 4SP hose can tolerate pressure up to 4500 PSI, attributing it as a suitable candidate for high-pressure hydraulic systems.

Key Features of 4SP Hose

  • High-pressure resistance: The 4SP hose can withstand very high pressures, making it apt for heavy-duty hydraulic systems.
  • Four-layer steel spiral wrap: This construction fortifies the hose’s resistance against high pressures.
  • Flexibility: Despite the steel reinforcement, the 4SP hose maintains a good degree of flexibility, which is beneficial in routing and installation.

EN856 4SH/4SP Hydraulic Rubber Hose

The EN856 4SH/4SP hydraulic rubber hoses are pivotal elements in high-pressure hydraulic systems. These hoses comply with the European EN856 standard, assuring quality, reliability, and performance. This article provides a detailed exploration of these hydraulic hoses.

4SH Hose: A Detailed Examination

4sh hose
4sh hose

The 4SH hose, like the 4SP, is a high-pressure hydraulic hose, but it is engineered with a four-layer spiral wrap of high-tensile steel wire in a heavy-duty construction. The 4SH hose can bear pressure up to 6000 PSI, outperforming the 4SP hose in terms of maximum pressure tolerance.

Features of 4SH Hose

  • Superior pressure tolerance: The 4SH hose can withstand higher pressure levels compared to the 4SP hose.
  • Four-layer steel spiral wrap: Similar to the 4SP, the 4SH hose also features a four-layer steel spiral wrap, offering high pressure and mechanical protection.
  • Robust construction: The heavy-duty construction of the 4SH hose makes it a reliable choice for high-pressure applications in challenging environments.

The Distinction between 4SP and 4SH Hose

4sh 4sp hydraulic hose
4sh 4sp hydraulic hose

While the 4SP and 4SH hoses might seem similar in terms of construction, their main difference lies in their pressure tolerance levels. The 4SH hose can handle significantly higher pressure compared to the 4SP hose. This attribute makes the 4SH hose a preferred option for extremely high-pressure systems.

Furthermore, both hoses can operate in similar temperature ranges, offering versatility in different working conditions. However, it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for precise temperature and pressure ratings, ensuring optimal safety and performance.

Final Takeaways

The 4SP and 4SH hoses are integral components in high-pressure hydraulic systems. Both offer robust construction with a four-layer steel spiral wrap, but they differ in their pressure handling capacity.

Therefore, when deciding between the two, consider the pressure requirements of your hydraulic system. Make a choice that offers not just adequate pressure resistance but also aligns with other system requirements, ensuring an efficient, safe, and long-lasting operation.

Finally, please feel free to contact us at any time if you are looking for the EN856 4SH/4SP hydraulic rubber hose.

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