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fire sleeve manufacturer

Fire Sleeve

Reliable Fire sleeve Manufacturer: Find Your Trustworthy Fire Sleeve from China

Kingdaflex has a self-owned fire sleeve manufacturer, so that we can provide all types of the fire sleeves, varied in lengths, specifications, diameters, colors, and etc. For more detailed info about the fire sleeve, please quote us now. 

Fire sleeve manufacturer

The fire sleeve can be manufactured with different colors to meet your requirement, and here we have some trending colors, including orange, blue, grey, black, white and etc. And please free free to contact us now to customize your own color for fire sleeve coating. 

Why Choose Our Fire Sleeve Manufacturer

grey fire sleeve

Insulated Barrier

The fire sleeve is made of silicone, rubber and fireglass, to be made a insulated barrier to protect the hydraulic hose.

fire sleeve fireglass

Thick Fiberglass

The  knitted fiberglass is the strong shield that can prevent hydraulic hose away from the heating, hazard environment.

various fire sleeves

Various Types

In our fire sleeve manufacturer, we can create different fire sleeves, varied in lengths, diameters, colors, and etc.

fire sleeve container

Packing Methods

You are flexible to choose the packing methods to store your fire sleeves, including pallets, rolls, wooden boxes and etc.

Why Choose Our Fire Sleeve Manufacturer

fiberglass fire sleeve

Fabricated Fiberglass

Silicone Surface

Materials Needed

Fabricated Fiberglass: 

The fabricated fiberglass is designed to give great protection to the hydraulic hose, because its heat-resistant performance. 

Silicone Surface

The 100% iron oxide silicone rubber can protect the hydraulic hose well all the way up. The silicone is waterproof, heat-resistant,  useful to expand rubber hose’ service life. 


Premium Raw Material

The raw materials prepared for the fire sleeve manufacturing is super high qualified to ensure that the fire sleeve can protect the hydraulic hose tube to be used for any projects. Each fire sleeve will be strictly tested before packing process. 

premium material for fire sleeve

Reliable Pyrojacket

Kingdaflex is aiming to provide the reliable pyrojacket firesleeve for your hydraulic hose protection. Made of qualified glassfiber, the pyrojacket sleeve for hose is super protective to keep your hydraulic project safe all the time.

Here are some differences between the aerospace-grade and industrial-grade fire sleeve are caused by the fiberglass construction, and the amount of fiberglass used during the fire sleeve manufacturing process. 

You can choose the knit fire sleeve and braided fire sleeve with flexibility, and they are the same products to provide protection to hydraulic hoses. Here are their features both. 

  • The same temperature rating for them to provide protection.
  • Silicone coat to give resistances to the metal splash, ambient high temperature. 
  • Different colors can be made, such as orange, blue, red and etc. 
  • Excellent flexibility to be compatible for hoses, pipes, tubes and etc. 
  • Customized with private label for your hydraulic business. 
knit fire sleeve

Knit Fire Sleeve

Kingdaflex knit fire sleeve is lightweight, expandable, and flexible to used installed on hydraulics, to give big protection to the hydraulic hose during its service life. 

  • Suitable for many applications and environments that require hydraulic hoses, such as general industrial hose protection, welding applications.
  • Customized lengths are provided according to your requirement.
  • Silicone coated knit fire sleeve is the best tool to protect hydraulic hoses. 
  • Much lighter than the braided fire sleeve, to reduce the finished weight of assembly. 
braid fire sleeve

Braided Fire Sleeve

Besides the knitted fire sleeve, Kingdaflex also provides a braided fire sleeve, the inner is braided with fire-proof fiberglass. Flexible for you to select for your hydraulic hose protection. 

  • More fiberglass in the substrate and silicone in the coating.
  • Protect hydraulic hose safe that works in the heating environment with high temperature. 
  • Suitable for many applications, where has high ambient heat, high temperature in working conditions. 
  • Thicker silicone coated surface to give the best protection to the hoses inside. 
  • Different lengths, diameters are provided to match your hydraulic hose sizes. 

How to Manufacture Fire Sleeve for Hoses

Braiding Fiberglass

The first step of fire sleeve manufacturing process is to braid the fiberglass, to make it knitted well.

Coating Silicon

Then immerse the braided fiberglass into the silicone rubber liquid evenly. The fire sleeve is finished with coated silicone rubber material. BTY, the silicone rubber can be made with different colors, such as blue, white, orange, black and etc.

Various Packing Method for Fire Sleeve

fire sleeve pack

Fire Sleeve Rolls

You can choose the fire sleeve rolls tied by hemp rope, this is the popular packing method. And we will pack it in the plastic film to keep away from the dust.

fire sleeve reel

Fire Sleeve Reels

We can coil the fire sleeves on the wooden reels, similar the hydraulic hose reels, this is also a good way to save space in the shipping container.

fire sleeve container

Fire Sleeve Container

We can pack your fire sleeve in the packing method you required, and your brand logo can be printed on the surface of the fire sleeve silicone.

Fire Sleeve Application

fire sleeve for steel works

Fire Sleeve for Steel Works

The fire sleeve is the strong protection method to give the barrier to various hoses of the machinery in the steel works. The silicone coated fiberglass fire sleeve can prevent the metal splash to scald the hoses.

fire sleeve for heavy duty macinery

Fire Sleeve for Heavy Machinery

The heavy-duty machinery usually needs lots of hydraulic hoses, and the fire sleeves are increasingly important in the hydraulic hose protection to ensure the safety and normal working status all the time.

fire sleeve for heavy equipment

Fire Sleeve for Heavy Equipment

Fireproof Fire sleeve can provide the strong barrier to any heavy equipment, such as digging machinery, drilling machinery, rolling machinery and et.

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If you have any questions about the fire protection sleeve, and please feel free to contact us at any time if you want. 

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