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Everything About Fire Sleeve Hose Protector [Complete Guide of Fire Sleeve]

In this guide, you will get a clue about the fire sleeve hose protector, and also the hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve. For using a hydraulic hose with safety, it is basically important to select the proper hydraulic hose protector for your hydraulic systems.

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In this guide, you will find everything basically important about the fire sleeve hose protector.

It will help you choose the most suitable fire sleeve for your hydraulic hose protection.

Let’s dive right in.

How to protect the hydraulic hose? The best answer is to use the hydraulic hose protector.

Here are 2 popular types of hydraulic hose wraps for hydraulic hose protection, one is the spiral hose guard, and another one is the fire sleeve hose protector.

In today’s article, I will share with you everything about hydraulic hose protector sleeve the following:

What Is Fire Sleeve Hose Protector?

what is fire sleeve
what is a fire sleeve?

The fire sleeve is also called a fire sleeve hose protector, hydraulic hose sleeve protector is coated in the carmine red silicone rubber material, that can protect the hydraulic hose well. And the inner tube of the fire sleeve is coated with soft glass fiber, which is strong enough to protect the hydraulic hose away from damages.

The fire sleeve hose protector is applied widely for hydraulic hose protection, to avoid fire, also it can be used to protect the wire, cable, tube from fire damage.

Compared with the spiral hose guard, the fire sleeve can be laid to protect the hydraulic hose, exposed to high temperatures up to 266°C. Especially, the fiberglass material has strong fire resistance against fire damages, high temperatures, abrasion, and mechanical damages.

The first fire sleeve was invented in the early 1970s as a means of flame protection for hydraulic hose assemblies on military aircraft. With the development of the technique, and today’s fire sleeves are available in both the industrial and aerospace filed.

In our company, our fire sleeves are used to protect the hydraulic hoses for your hydraulic project. So we are manufacturing the bulk fire sleeve for hose. 

How to Manufacture Fire Sleeve?

silicone-coated fire sleeve production
silicone-coated fire sleeve production

Kingdaflex is the leading fire sleeve manufacturer, and our fire sleeve workshop has the ability to manufacture the best fire sleeve for your hose protection.

The silicone-coated fire sleeve hose protector is produced with braided glass fiber as the reinforcement lining to add much strength for heat resistance.

If you want to know more detailed info about the fire sleeve manufacturing process, please kindly contact us to get the clue.

How to Install Fire Sleeve?

fire sleeve installation
fire sleeve installation

Here is the tutorial on how to install the fire sleeve step by step.

Determine the diameter of the fire sleeve to match the diameter of the hydraulic hose, and here you can get the way how to measure the hydraulic hose. The diameter of the fire sleeve could be bigger than the hydraulic hose’s diameter. Bigger is much better smaller, in order to avoid the tightness.

And then get the required length of the fire sleeve to match the length of the hydraulic hose, the same thing is that the fire sleeve hose protector could be a little longer than the hydraulic hose. Longer is much better than shorter, and we can cut off the extra part of the fire sleeve to get the most suitable length to cover the whole hydraulic hose.

And squeeze out the extra air in the fire sleeve in order to install the fire sleeve to the hydraulic hose much easily.

Install the fire sleeve to the hydraulic hose from one end, and push the hydraulic hose into the fire sleeve slowly.

Firmly attach the band clamp near the fire sleeve ends, and we also have the fire sleeve installation tools to help you complete the installation easily.

Don’t forget proper amalgamation and sealing after the installation process.

Fire Sleeve Features

The fire sleeve is made of a special synthetic material, which determines that the fire sleeve has many features that other materials don’t have. Here are some advantages of the fire sleeve.

High-temperature performance, thermal insulation performance, flame retardant performance, electrical insulation performance, chemical stability, weather resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, and etc.

Resistance to high temperatures

fire sleeve fire resistance

The fire sleeve can be continuously exposed to a high temperature of 260°C without being damaged. It can withstand 15 to 20 minutes at a high temperature of 1090°C and can withstand a time of 15 to 30 seconds at a high temperature of 1650°C. Its unique flame retardant can effectively avoid personnel from being burned and injured by high-heat pipelines, it can also greatly save the cost of heat energy loss.

Watch this video to see the fire sleeve with fire resistance.

Chemical stability

fire sleeve chemical stability
fire sleeve chemical stability

The fire-resistant sleeve has strong chemical stability. The silicone does not react to oil, water, acid, alkali, and other substances. It can be used for a very long time without aging within 260℃. Because the surface is coated with silicone material, it is not easy to be affected by ultraviolet light and ozone. So the fire sleeve won’t erode easily, and you can use the fire sleeve to wrap all the hydraulic hoses for protection.

Multi-protection to anti-splash

fire sleeve for smelting industry
fire sleeve for smelting industry

In the smelting industry, the temperature of the medium in the electric furnace is extremely high, which is easy to form a high-temperature splash (the same is true in the electric welding industry). After cooling and solidification, slag is formed on the pipe or cable, which will harden the rubber on the outer layer of the pipe or cable, and finally embrittlement and cracking. Furthermore, it damages unprotected equipment and cables.

So we can use the fire sleeve coated with fire-resistant silicone material can achieve multiple safety protections. The maximum temperature can be as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, which can effectively prevent high temperature melting such as molten iron, molten copper, and molten aluminum. Splashing of objects to prevent damage to surrounding cables and equipment.

Inflaming retarding

If the pipeline is transported with flammable or toxic media, it is easy to cause fire or casualties when leakage occurs; the cable often burns due to local high temperature; the special protective fire sleeve for the cable is woven with extremely high-temperature resistant glass fiber, and the surface is the silicone material fire-proof. The flame retardants are added to make the fire sleeve hose protector have excellent flame retardancy. Even if a fire occurs, it can prevent the spread of the fire, and can still protect the internal pipelines intact for a long time, providing sufficient time for the rescue of important information such as data and documents.

Glass fiber to provide safety protection

fire sleeve glass fiber
fire sleeve glass fiber

The alkali-free glass fiber itself has extremely strong tensile force, will not be wrinkled and broken, is vulcanized, is smoke-free, halogen-free, non-toxic, pure oxygen, non-combustible, and has good insulation characteristics. After the organic silicone is cured, its safety and environmental protection performance is strengthened, and its protection is effective. Workers are healthy and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. Unlike asbestos products, which are extremely harmful to the human body and the environment

Fire Sleeve Applications

Steel, smelting, shipbuilding, and chemical industries in high-temperature areas, heating area cables, fluid pipelines, rolling mill cables, oil pipes, sawing edge cables, electrical voltage equipment, large buildings, hydraulic systems, automobile wiring harnesses and exhaust pipes, etc.

Hydraulic Hose Abrasion Sleeve

hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve
hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve

Besides the fire sleeve for hose protection, when used under high temperatures or high heating system, and there is also a hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve to protect the hydraulic hose itself away from abrasion harm.

It’s also the burst protection sleeve, designed with exceptional tear-resistance, strong enough to avoid the hydraulic hose bursting, so it can be helpful to reduce the risk of the liquid-jet injuries of the hydraulic hose, to result in the hydraulic hose leaking problems.

You can wear the hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve to keep your hydraulic hose from rubbing. The hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve is made of nylon, can provide excellent abrasion protection, and this nylon textile sleeve can prevent wear on the hydraulic hose.

The nylon hose sleeving protector can add a layer of defense to the hydraulic hose, and you can choose the qualified nylon hose sleeve with the abrasion standard to get good protection for your hydraulic hoses, to expand the service life for your hydraulic systems.

The hydraulic hose burst protection sleeve is strong protection, highly resistant to abrasion and tears. It is used to protect hydraulic hoses and prevent damages caused by hydraulic hose leaks emitting high-pressure liquid jets.

Totally, you can use the hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve to protect against physical abrasion, damage, and deterioration, and the nylon textile hose sleeve can provide burst and containment protection, also flexible and durable applied for the hydraulic hose for a long time.

If you have any questions about the hydraulic hose abrasion sleeve, please feel free to contact us now.

Final Thoughts

You will make the abrasion resistant hydraulic hose using the functional hydraulic hose fire sleeve protector. If you have any questions about the fire sleeve or other related hydraulic hose wraps, or any ideas about the hydraulic hose protectors, please don’t be hesitate to contact us.

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