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How to Keep Hydraulic Hoses from Getting Pinched?

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The grapple bucket can pinch your hydraulic hose sometimes, and this is very frustrating. Today we share some tips about how to keep hydraulic hoses from getting pinched.

HD rock-bucked grapple is a nice method to reroute hydraulic hose during the process of hydraulic hose installation.

Here are some tips in the following:

  • The grapple can take the hydraulic hose and twist them clockwise one turn around, to allow the hydraulic hose coil to sit beside the cylinder before plugging them into the hydraulic fluid powered machine couplers.
  • Many hydraulic hose operators or skilled techniques like to use a bungee cord around the hydraulic hose cylinder tower to keep the hose pipe up, but with some movement.
  • Also some certain machines have the ring that hydraulic hose can be routed throughout the hose hydraulic.

Final Thought

If you have any questions about the pinched hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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