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Know the Advantages of EPDM hose–kingdaflex

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In spite of the name, rubber hoses are not all made from the same type of material, or even rubber in some cases. EPDM rubber is a synthetic rubber membrane that combines many of the best properties of rubber with properties of flexible plastic. This synthetic version of the rubber enables the hoses to last longer and provide superior strength, as well as other benefits, in applications where they are used. Using a synthetic EPDM rubber hose instead of traditional rubber or firmer plastic hoses can provide a user with many of the following benefits:

Less cracking and breaking: The synthetic polymers used in the EPDM rubber hose manufacturing help reduce the cracking, peeling, and breaking that can occur with other synthetic rubbers and natural rubber.

Increased age: EPDM rubber typically has a longer age of usefulness than natural rubbers. This is due to the anti-shrinking properties of the material as well as the reduced chance of cracking and breaking.

Greater flexibility: EPDM rubber is designed to have increased flexibility over natural rubber and many other synthetic rubbers and plastic materials. This flexibility allows the rubber to be used in places that could crack or damage other kinds of tubing.

No atmospheric pollution: The rubber does not give off any petroleum fumes or other pollutants into the air like some other forms of synthetic rubbers.

Less leeching into liquids: The design used for EPDM hoses prevents the rubber from leeching into the liquids passing through the hoses. This reduces the amount of contamination in those products.

Limited environmental impact: During the manufacturing process, EPDM rubber is an inert material, which has much less environmental impact than many other manufacturing processes. This makes EPDM manufacturing one of the greenest rubber manufacturing processes in use today.

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