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Abrasion resistance solutions for rubber hoses

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The majority of hydraulic hose failures occur due to regular abrasion, which can be prevented, ultimately reducing equipment failure and safeguarding workers. Specialised hose shields prolong the life of a hose and are necessary to prevent abrasion damage in hose assemblies.

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Kingdaflex provides a selection of abrasion resistance products, including hose abrasion sleeves, protection shields and spiral hose guards etc.

Hose protection shields
Hose protection shields are a cheaper solution for smaller sections of hose exposed to abrasion. These plastic shields are joined with cable ties and can be easily installed without disconnecting or removing the hose. Avoid using them for larger sections of hose that undergo heavy abrasion.

Spiral hose guards
Protective spiral hose guards will protect hose assemblies exposed to harsh abrasive situations. They also prevent hose kinking and offer crush resistance.

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Which is best?
Use hose sleeves or guards for:

Applications with less severe abrasion to save money.
Where there are fewer areas that need abrasion protection.
Where you need to add or remove the sleeve or guard to an existing assembly.

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