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China Manufactured Fire Sleeve

Applications: The fire sleeve is the perfect cover to protect hydraulic hoses, oil lines, and wiring bundles.

Characteristics: Made of braided fiberglass yarns in a flexible substrate, it is then coated with high-quality silicone rubber. Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels. The fire sleeve is designed to protect hoses, wires, and cables from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame.
Temperature Range:  260℃/500℉ – 1300℃.

The fire sleeve is basically important for fire protection, and you guys can wrap the hydraulic hose using the protective fire sleeve.

This is the fire sleeve specification table below before your selection to get the most suitable fire sleeve protector for your project.


Wall      Thickness Tolerance Roll    Length Inside Wall      Thickness Tolerance

Roll      Length


(inch) (mm) (mm) (m) (mm) (inch) (mm) (mm)



 1/4 1.5 ±0.15 50 Φ51 2 3 ±0.35 25
Φ8   5/16 1.5 ±0.15 50 Φ55 2 1/5 3.5 ±0.35



 3/8 2 ±0.20 25 Φ57 2 1/4 3.5 ±0.35 25
Φ11   7/16 2 ±0.20 25 Φ60 2 3/8 3.5 ±0.35



1/2 2 ±0.20 25 Φ64 2 1/2 3.5 ±0.35 20
Φ16 5/8 2 ±0.20 25 Φ65 2 3/5 3.5 ±0.35



3/4 2 ±0.20 25 Φ70 2 3/4 3.5 ±0.40 20
Φ22 7/8 2 ±0.20 25 Φ76 3 4 ±0.40



1 2 ±0.30 25 Φ80 3 1/5 4 ±0.40 20
Φ29 1 1/8 2 ±0.30 25 Φ83 3 1/4 4 ±0.40



1 1/4 2 ±0.30 25 Φ85 3 3/8 4 ±0.40 20
Φ35 1 3/8 3 ±0.30 25 Φ89 3 1/2 4 ±0.50



1 1/2 3 ±0.30 25 Φ90 3 9/16 4 ±0.50 20
Φ40 1 3/5 3 ±0.30 25 Φ95 3 3/4 4 ±0.50



1 5/8 3 ±0.30 25 Φ102 4 5 ±0.50 10
Φ45 1 3/4 3 ±0.30 25 Φ110 4 1/3 5 ±0.50



1 7/8 3 ±0.30 25 Φ114 4.5 5 ±0.50


fire sleeve

Fire Sleeve Material

The fire sleeve is made of glass fiber yarn knitted together to form the sleeve, and coated with the silicone elastomer rubber material as the surface.

Consisting of fire-proof material, the fire sleeve is designed to protect wires, hoses, and cables, from ambient temperatures for any working conditions.

And it can offer continuous protection during the working temperature range within 1200°C.

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Fire Sleeve Colors

It is flexible for you to customize the fire sleeve colors, and here are some trending colors for you to select, red, blue, yellow, black and etc.

Of course, we can customize the fire sleeve color to match your project. What’s more, we can print your hose business name on the fire sleeve protector.

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fire sleeve protector

Fire Sleeve Advantages

The fire sleeve has the wide advantages, Fire stopping and thermal insulation solution. And please feel pleased to contact us at any time if you are looking for the premium fire sleeve for your hydraulic hose protection. 

Top-rated Raw Material

Kingdaflex fire sleeve is made of top-rated rubber coated with the silicone, and also high qualified fireglass to ensure the best fire sleeve protector.

Various Colors

You can feel free to choose your desired color for your brand, and here we have trending colors, including red, blue, yellow, orange, white, and also black fire sleeve.

Different Lengths

We can provide different length of the fire sleeve, including 40m, 50m, 100m, and we can cut your desired lengths in the manufacturing process.

Insulated Fire Sleeve

Insulated fire sleeve is suitable for all occasions, such as steeling manufacturer, electricity work, high temperature working condition and etc. The fire sleeve is designed with the premium insulation to ensure the safety.

fireglass fireproof

Affordable Pricing

We are the direct fire sleeve manufacturer to provide the wholesale fire sleeves at the affordable price but with premium quality. Please contact us at any time to ask for the lasted catalog.

ready to install and prepared to protect

The fire sleeve is also easy to be installed for the hydraulic hose protection, and here is the brief guide telling you how to install a fire sleeve for the hydraulic hose project. 

fire sleeve installation

You can get the fire barrier sleeve kits for you to complete fire sleeve installation, and here are easy steps that you can follow. 

  1. Choose the proper fire sleeve to match the hydraulic hose diameter. The fire sleeve is slightly bigger than a wrapped hydraulic hose.
  2. Cut the fire sleeve to get the target length to wrap the whole hydraulic hose. 
  3. Compress the air in the fire sleeve, to let it out.
  4. Slide the hydraulic hose into the fire sleeve protection carefully.
  5. Install the hydraulic hose fittings to lock the hydraulic hose ends. 
  6. Estimate both ends to avoid potential problems, such as fluid wicking, thermal transfer, and glass fiber escape.

Fire Sleeve FAQ

What Is Fire Sleeve Made of?

The fire sleeve is invented to protect hydraulic hoses, tubes, pipes, for any working conditions and applications away from the potential damage, which is made of the fire-resistant materials. 

Most fire sleeves are manufactured with silicone as the protective layer, and synthetic rubber in body,  as the outer layer, and fiberglass as the inner core. 

All of these materials are fire-resistant, that can give protection to the hydraulics during the working conditions. 

Why Fire Sleeve Can Be Used for Airplanes?

At the very beginning, the fire sleeve is invented to be used in the military airplanes, and then the fire sleeve is developed to be used for the industrial and commercial applications to provide protection. 

The fire sleeve can offer protection against fire damage or high temperature damage in the working condition, because the fire or high heat can burn wires, cables, tubes, hoses if without any method to provide protection. 

So fire sleeve for airplanes is designed to withstand heat even in the 500 Degrees Celsius, and nowadays, you can choose the fire sleeve to protect your hydraulic hoses in the hydraulic industries. 

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory is compounded with ISO 9001:2015 standards.

We value quality in all of our processes. We ensure that our hydraulic hoses can withstand the toughest environmental stresses.

The entire production link of our hydraulic hose takes place in our factory, to ensure the quality of each rubber tube, and a 99.99% on-time delivery rate.

If you have special requirements for the performance of rubber hose, you can contact us, we provide a variety of customized services.

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