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Twin Line Hydraulic Hose: Ultimate Guide to Twin Hydraulic Hose

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Here is also a specially-design thermoplastic hydraulic hose applied for the hydraulic system, called twin line hydraulic hose.

This post will share with you everything basic about the twin line hydraulic hose.

Let’s dive right in.

What Is Twin Line Hydraulic Hose?

what is twin line hydraulic hose
what is twin line hydraulic hose

The twin line hydraulic hose is a type of thermoplastic hydraulic hose, not the regular hydraulic hose pipe. 

The twin thermoplastic hose is reinforced with high tensile fiber, to add strength for the hydraulic project uses. Our thermoplastic hydraulic hose SAE 100R7 and SAE 100R8 can be designed to be the twin line hydraulic hose. 

Twin Line Hydraulic Hose Structure

twin line hydraulic hose structure
twin line hydraulic hose structure

Now you can the twin line hydraulic hose structure from the section sketch drawing above, two thermoplastic hydraulic hoses are adhered together to become the twin thermoplastic. 

We have one twin line hose, this is the twin line hose structure below. 

  • Tube: SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) blended, black, smooth surface. 
  • Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords, to add strength to the twin line hose. 
  • Cover: EPDM/SBR blended, blue/green + red, smooth surface,  weather ozone, abrasion-resistant
  • Application: For conveying welding gases
  • Temperature: -30°C + 80°C

Twin Line Welding Hose [Oxygen Acetylene Twin Line Hose]

twin line welding hose
twin line welding hose

The twin line welding hose consists of two thermoplastic hydraulic hoses, green and red (blue/green + red). The green and red lines of this twin welding hose can provide a simple, color-coordinated hydraulic system to ensure that your regulators can be hooked up. 

The twin line hose for oxygen and acetylene gases is reinforced with cotton fiber, rather than stainless steel wire. 

The twin welding hose is well designed to transport oxygen and acetylene gases to your welding torch or cutting equipment. 

Our twin welding hose set can come with the Type B fitting on both ends to finish the assemblies. And you don’t need to worry about the crimps and cracks in these fittings because of the strain relief. 

This twin line hydraulic hose is the low-pressure hose, used to convey the Oxygen Acetylene for industrial uses. The color of the outer cover can be customized with different colors, such as blue, green, red and etc. 

The oxygen-acetylene twin hose is suitable is only used for conveying oxygen-acetylene, the red hose for acetylene, and the green hose for oxygen, you can use with acetylene fuel gas only, resists kinks, heat, weather & solvents.

You can use the twin line welding hose outdoor and indoor because its raw material is flame retardant, safe to use at any place, and you can use it at home too. 

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R7 R8 Twin Line Hydraulic Hose

twin line thermoplastic hose
twin line thermoplastic hose

Here is also the twin line thermoplastic hose, and we can construct SAE 100R7 and SAE 100R8 to get the twin line thermoplastic hose. The thermoplastic twin hose is the high-pressure hydraulic hose, consisting of R7 and R8 hose. 

Twin thermoplastic hose is designed with synthetic fiber or stainless steel wire reinforcement to add much more strength. The outer cover of the thermoplastic twin line can be made with different colors because it’s flexible and convenient to make colored plastic. 

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Twin Line Hydraulic Hose Reel 

twin line hydraulic hose reel
twin line hydraulic hose reel

The twin line hydraulic hose reel is expertly designed to store twin line welding hose, it is protective for you to save twin line welding hose. The size of the twin line hose reel can be determined by the twin line welding hoses, it’s flexible for you to coil the twin line hose rolls. 

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Final Thoughts

Here is the overall base about the twin line hose, and if you want to know more detailed info about the twin line hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact us at any time. Welcome to chat with us now to get FREE twin hydraulic hose samples now. 

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