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What Is Braid for Hydraulic Hose?

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For the hydraulic hose manufacturing method, the hydraulic hose can be varied in spiral hydraulic hose and braided hydraulic hose. Here is the article telling you the differences between the spiral vs braided hydraulic hose

Today I want to share with you guys one thing as follows:

What Is Braid for A Hydraulic Hose?

The braid is made by weaving stainless steel wires or band plates on the periphery of a flexible hydraulic hose. And the stainless steel braid is used to prevent the elongation of a hydraulic hose while working under pressure, and the braid can protect the hydraulic hose to decrease loss during the hydraulic hose service life. 

Here are also many different types of braid, including wire braids, tape braid, and twilled braid, according to the hydraulic hose structure. 

Wire Braid 

wire braid
wire braid

The wire braid is bundled parcelled and braided to cover the hydraulic hose pipe, and our hydraulic hose manufacturer can use the advanced hydraulic hose braiding machine to twine the stainless steel wire to create the wire braids. And we can call the obtained braid with the name “wire braid”. And the wire braid is flexible and suitable to absorb the frequent displacement.

We can add more layers of the wire braids to make the hydraulic hose much stronger while working under higher pressure, here we have different layers of the braids as the hydraulic hose reinforcement for your to choose from. 

1-wire braid vs 2-wire braid hydraulic hose
1-wire braid vs 2-wire braid hydraulic hose

More layers of wire braid can be applied for higher pressure, and we have the 1-wire braid hydraulic hose and 2-wire braid hydraulic hose. 

You will not able to see how many wire braids are inside the hydraulic hose until you cut the hydraulic hose, and then you can see the wire braided from the cutting cross-section after cutting the hydraulic hose. And the wire braided layer is the reinforcement of the hydraulic hose pipe, and you can see clearly the crisscross braided patterns. The wire braided reinforcement can protect the hydraulic hose piple well. 

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Tape Braid

tape braid
tape braid

Tape braid is different compared with wire braid, and tape braid is obtained by weaving band plates, not the stainless steel. And the tape braided hydraulic hose has a higher strength against the internal pressure compared with the wire braided hydraulic hose, but the flexibility is much worse.  And it is also suitable to absorb displacement. And two-layer tape braided is much better when the internal pressure is much higher. 

What is a braided hydraulic hose is made of?

hydraulic hose structure
hydraulic hose structure

The braided hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber, and stainless steel wire, and you can know the hydraulic hose structure to get more about the hydraulic hose materials.

Here are 3 layers of a braided hydraulic hose:

  • Inner tube: The inner tube of the braided hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber material, and it can determine the quality of the whole braided hydraulic hose pipe. 
  • Reinforcement: We use the high-qualified stainless steel to make the wire braid as the reinforcement, and more layers of wire braid can be worked for higher pressure. 
  • Outer cover: The cover of hydraulic hose braided is made of rubber material too, and you can print your private label and hydraulic hose specifications on the surface for customization. 

Different materials are requirement to manufacture a high pressure steel braided hose. 

High Pressure Steel Braided Hose

High-pressure steel braided hoses are a type of flexible hose with an inner core made from a high-grade rubber, surrounded by multiple layers of steel braiding which provides strength and durability. They are commonly used in hydraulic systems and high-pressure industrial environments.

The primary function of a high-pressure steel braided hose is to handle large pressure levels and minimize the risk of damage or leaks. It can manage pressure while maintaining flexibility, which is useful in dynamic applications where the hose needs to bend or move.

How to Manufacture the Braided Hydraulic Hose?

The braided hydraulic hose is braided by the hydraulic hose braiding machine. The stainless steel wire is weaved by the hydraulic hose braiding machine to create the reinforcement layer. And the stainless steel braided hydraulic hose is manufactured using our hydraulic hose braiding machine, to create the steel reinforcement for the hydraulic hose pipe to make it much stronger, and durable. 

Are steel braided hoses better?

petroleum based hydraulic fluid
petroleum based hydraulic fluid

Regularly, the hose braided reinforcement is made of carbon steel, with high strength and duration. So the braided hydraulic hose can be applied on many industrial occasions, including oil field exploitation, engineering construction, lifting transport, metallurgy, forging press, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, and all kinds of machining tools. The steel braided hydraulic hose can be assembled for the hydraulic system, to work at a certain pressure and temperature. 

What is braided hose used for?

What is braided hose used for?
What is braided hose used for?

The braided stainless steel braided hydraulic hose is used to convey the petroleum-based fluids, such as mineral oils, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil; and water-based fluids such as emulsion, oil/water emulsion, water and etc, also used for the gas transmission. 

When compared with the rubber hose without the braided lines, the braided hose can be much more durable with the help of the stainless steel structure. We create the stainless steel braided reinforcement to add more strength to the whole hydraulic hose, to make it fit the specific applications working under high pressure. 

The braided hydraulic hose can provide better performance of heat dissipation, and of course, the braided wire can bear more pressure. 

Does braided hose kink?

kink braided hose
kink braided hose

The braided hydraulic hose can be bend to be located in the right position during the installation process, and the professional hydraulic hose assembly expert will find the best way to layout the braided hydraulic hose pipe for your project. So the braided hose pipe doesn’t kink in the proper use.

And you guys need to measure the hydraulic hose to get the accurate length (extra length is recommended, and you can cut it when you need to make the hose pipe shorten) to fit the hydraulic hose well, to avoid the kinking problems. 

What’s more, the braided hydraulic hose is reinforced with stainless steel wire, with high strength, you don’t need to worry about broken problems. Each braided hydraulic hose will be tested strictly during the manufacturing process in the hydraulic hose factory. 

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