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How to Relieve Pressure on Hydraulic Hose?

How to relieve hydraulic pressure on hydraulic hose? Here are some tips about how to reduce hydraulic pressure, and some other hydraulic hose safety use tips.

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Today I am going to share with you something basically important about how to relieve pressure on hydraulic hose.

Why Release Hydraulic Pressure?

hydraulic pressure
hydraulic pressure

The hydraulic hose is the tube to convey the hydraulic fluid, and hydraulic fluid is the energy transfer medium in all hydraulic systems. But sometimes the hydraulic fluid is dangerous if you can’t use the hydraulic hose properly.

The hydraulic fluid could escape from the hydraulic hose while adjusting or removing the hydraulic system equipment. This can cause that the hydraulic fluids are trapped in the hydraulic hose even though the hydraulic system engine or the hydraulic hose pump is stopped. And the trapped hydraulic oil could burst the hydraulic hose to leak out.

So we have to be serious about this hydraulic fluid trapping problem, the trapped fluid could be pressurized in excess of 2,000 psi, and the pressurized fluid can penetrate the skin, requiring prompt surgical removal. In a word, the pressurized hydraulic hose fluid is hazardous to people’s health.

Keep Away from Hydraulic Fluid Leaking

Trapped Hydraulic Fluid
Trapped Hydraulic Fluid

Tighten all the hydraulic connectors before applying the hydraulic pressure, and keep your hands, body away from the pinholes, nozzles that will eject the hydraulic fluid under high pressure. And the hydraulic hose ejecting is super dangerous to people, and please don’t forget to care about self-protection.

You can use the solid cardboard or a slice of paper to test the hydraulic fluid leaking position, and then relieve the pressure before disconnecting the hydraulic line system. And don’t cross the hydraulic line to make it crisscrossed.

The heat or high temperature will cause thermal expansion issues of the hydraulic fluid, increasing the pressure to become much higher. And high pressure would result in hydraulic fluid spraying. So please remember that don’t forget to relieve hydraulic pressure before you loosen the hydraulic hose fittings.

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