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How to Choose A Hydraulic Hose? [STAMPED Hose Selection Guide]

In this blog, I am going to share with you guys the tips, on how to choose a hydraulic hose, based on the principle of STAMPED.

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The hydraulic hose can be widely used for many applications, and today I am going to share some tips on how to choose a hydraulic hose.

As we all know that the hydraulic hose can be assembled for many applications, so it will be much more important to choose the right hydraulic hose.  A hydraulic hose conveys hydraulic fluid to or between hydraulic components. Components include valves, tools, and actuators. Hydraulic hose is usually flexible and reinforced. The hose is often made up of several layers of reinforcement.

Why Is It Important to Select the Best Hydraulic Hose?

Here are some reasons as follows:

  • The best hydraulic hose can help you get the maximum life expectancy, and the selected hydraulic hose will be used for many years, so quality matters the most, and you need to pay much more attention to selecting the hydraulic hose before the project.
  • And high qualified hydraulic hose can provide the best value to your project, making your construction, or building project can go well.
  • Good hydraulic hoses can save a lot of time and money on constant maintenance, and you don’t need to pay extra to change them often.
  • The biggest thing is safety, and you have to be serious about selecting a hydraulic hose that can afford the working pressure. And the raw material, to make the hydraulic hose can ensure the safety threshold value.

And there are many types of hydraulic hoses in the market, and so it’s very important to choose a hydraulic hose for your project.

Stamped Hose Selection [S.t.a.m.p.e.d Hose Selection]

Hydraulic hoses are willing to be used in various environments, and there is a good principle – STAMPED (the English abbreviation of terms, Size, Temperature, Application, Material, Pressure, Ends, Delivery) that can guide you on how to select the best hydraulic hose for your own. Demystifying Hydraulic Hose Abbreviations: What You Need to Know

The s.t.a.m.p.e.d hose selection is the principal for your hydraulic hose selection, and this can help you get your desired hydraulic hose.

STAMPED selecting hydraulic hose
STAMPED selecting a hydraulic hose


hydraulic hose id, od
hydraulic hose id, od

At the very beginning, we need to know the hydraulic hose structure. The size of the hydraulic hose is basically important for you to consider, and here are some specifications for you to measure the hydraulic hose.

ID: Inner diameter, or inside diameter
OD: Outer diameter, or outside diameter
Length: The length of a hydraulic hose

And here is the guide on how to measure a hydraulic hose, and you can use the vernier caliper to measure the size of the hydraulic hose, to know these 3 basic specifications, I.D, O.D, and length.

Here we have different sizes of hydraulic hoses for you to choose from, and please feel free to contact us any time to choose the most suitable hose pipe for your project.

Temperature (Ambient & Media Temperature)

hydraulic hose temperature rating
hydraulic hose temperature rating

Here is the standard hydraulic hose temperature rating for you to consider, and most hydraulic hose materials have a working temperature range. And you can see the specifications from our hydraulic hose detailed product page.

What temperature are hydraulic hoses rated? And we need to consider the hydraulic hose temperature rating, both ambient temperature, and media temperature.

Ambient Temperature: This is the temperature outside of the hydraulic hose, which means the temperature in the surrounding environment. You need to consider the ambient temperature during hydraulic hose service life, too low ambient temperature will cause hydraulic hose brittle and crack.

Media Temperature: This is the temperature of media flowing through the hydraulic hose, the temperature of hydraulic fluids for conveyance. And media temperature also impacts the hydraulic hose life span, please the media temperature lower than the maximum rated temperature.

The hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber material, and also with steel wire reinforcement, so you can use the hydraulic hose pipe under high temperatures. And the typical rubber hydraulic hose is rated for the working operation to 212° F (100 ℃). And most hydraulic hoses offer a wide range of working temperatures. And you guys can ask us anytime if you are confused about the temperature rating for your hydraulic project.

And some hoses made of stainless steel, or steel wire can work well in high temperatures, up to 800° F, so you need to consider your own situation to choose the high-temperature hydraulic hose working for you. And you need to take care that you have to lay the hydraulic hose near hot manifolds, heat shields are advisable while selecting the hydraulic hose.


hydraulic hose application
hydraulic hose application

The hydraulic hose has a wide application, and you can see it in many places.

For some construction projects of government and industry, hydraulic hoses will be considered and applied. And hydraulic hoses can be assembled the all types of machinery, including industrial machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery and etc; and some other big transportation facilities, such as oil tank trucks, auto trucks, watering cart tank cars, and so on.

And our hydraulic hose manufacturer is professional in manufacturing all types of hydraulic hoses to meet any hydraulic hose applications. And the hydraulic hose can be designed with excellent durability and flexibility to be rated for the minimum radius bend.

We are pleased to hear that your application, and select the most suitable hydraulic hose for you.


The hydraulic hose can be made of synthetic rubber material, and here is the structure diagram of the hydraulic hose.

Here are 3 layers of a hydraulic hose, and the raw material used to make them can be different. The inner tube is made of synthetic rubber; and the reinforcement can be made of stainless steel wire, rubber cloth, and other materials; the outer cover is made of synthetic rubber material.

And different materials are manufactured for the hydraulic hoses for different applications.


hydraulic hose working pressure
hydraulic hose working pressure

Pressure is the important parameter, and you can find the accurate hydraulic hose pressure chart from our hydraulic hose product page, and hydraulic hose can be assembled under high pressure, and you can get the working pressure and burst pressure of the hydraulic hose too.


hydraulic hose ends
hydraulic hose ends

And then we need to choose the right hydraulic hose ends to connect the hydraulic hoses together for the hydraulic products. Here “Ends,” or “couplings” refer to the ends of a hose designed for connection. Permanent couplings are designed for connection at a specific, unmoving location; field-attachable couplings can be used in multiple locations using crimpers to seal the coupling.


hydraulic hose delivery
hydraulic hose delivery

Delivery refers to the hydraulic hose delivery and relative rarity of the hydraulic hose. Ascertain how many hoses are required and when they should be delivered. This step is also important, and you can make decisions about how your picked hydraulic hoses should be delivered to your side. And here we have a big hydraulic hose warehouse near the manufacturer to stock up the finished hydraulic hose.

And the finished hydraulic hoses will be packed by the woven bag or plastic film to make it much easier to ship the hydraulic hoses to your destination.  We will layout the hydraulic hoses, to place them in order.


The S.T.A.M.P.E.D is the standard for helping you select your desired hydraulic hose in the right way. And the size is basically an important standard you need to guide you to find the most suitable hydraulic hose, here is the Hydraulic Hose Size Chart pdf, and you can get the detailed specifications about each hydraulic hose, including size (inch size, dash size), working pressure, burst pressure, bend radius, weight, length, and etc. And I hope this hydraulic hose size chart can help you get your desired hydraulic hose.

Please don’t be hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions about selecting a hydraulic hose.

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