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5 Reasons That Cause Hydraulic Hose Leak

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A hydraulic hose leak is a common problem that could do some damage to your hydraulic hose during its service life.

Today, I will share with top 5 reasons why hydraulic hose leaks happen.

Let’s get started!

Rubber Material Matters Most

rubber material quality
rubber material quality

The hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber material, and the quality of the rubber material can determine the quality of the hydraulic hose.

The top-rated rubber material can determine the hydraulic hose quality and class from the root, and we only use the very high-quality rubber material to make a hydraulic hose. The rubber material is durable, with high strength, also flexible.

Choosing the good rubber material is also a big task, here top-rated rubber selection needs to consider many factors, including hardness, tensile strength, conductivity, environment resistance, such as oil resistance, acid resistance, weather resistance and etc.

And we are professional to choose the right rubber type according to the hydraulic hose performance we aim to achieve. For example, NBR material has excellent oil resistance, so NBR is ideal for making hydraulic hoses to convey oil-based hydraulic fluids.

Rubber Milling

rubber milling
rubber milling

During the hydraulic hose manufacturing process, the compounding rubber process is the first step, we need to mix the rubber material and make it suitable to make a hydraulic hose. Our hydraulic hose manufacturer will use the rubber refining miller to mix the raw material and other compounding materials to get the mixture material for making the hydraulic hose in the following manufacturing process.

The rubber milling process is also important, which can enhance the crude rubber material to the next level. There should not exist any tiny air bubbles in the rubber properties. Synthetic rubber sheets with high density can make finished hydraulic hoses much more durable, close-knit to avoid the hydraulic hose leak during its service life.

Refined rubber is perfect to make the inner tube of the hydraulic hose, and then the rubber should be vulcanized to get a stable physical structure for good hydraulic hose performance.

The rubber milling machine, also called rubber miller is also important to factor, which can ensure the quality of the milling process.

these factors, the skilled hydraulic hose technicist is also playing an important role in the hydraulic hose quality, and our hydraulic hose factory owns over 200 experienced workers to control the quality of each step of the hydraulic hose manufacturing process.

Improper Hydraulic Hose Crimping

hydraulic hose crimping
hydraulic hose crimping

The hydraulic hose crimping also matters to the hydraulic hose. It’s necessary to crimp the hydraulic hose before hydraulic hose assembly, to connect the hydraulic hose fittings to hydraulic hose heads, locking them together firmly, and then install the hydraulic hoses to the hydraulic system, for the heavy-duty machinery, which is powered by the hydraulic fluids.

It is important to choose the right hydraulic hose crimper dies, with a suitable crimp diameter, to avoid the hydraulic hose fitting getting loose, resulting in hydraulic hose leaks. Leak-free hydraulic hose fittings can prevent vibration hydraulic hose failure during service life.

And you need to check if the shell compressed correctly to bite on the hydraulic hose firmly, and the hydraulic hose fitting can’t be too tight or too loose. Too tight a hydraulic hose fitting will break the hydraulic hose cover, to make it damaged to cause hydraulic fluid to permeate; too loose a hydraulic hose fitting will cause a hydraulic hose leak at the fitting.

Wrong Working Pressure

hydraulic hose working pressure
hydraulic hose working pressure

You need to take the STAMPED principle into your consideration, for your hydraulic hose selection.

P is the abbreviation of Pressure so you need to check out the working pressure at the very beginning, and you can find the parameters about working pressure and burst pressure of a hydraulic hose.

Hose Catalogue from Kingdaflex This is our hydraulic hose catalog PDF, and you can find the working pressure range for hydraulic hose applications of each hydraulic hose you want to order for your hydraulic system.

The hydraulic hose with the wrong working pressure could leak due to very high pressure in the working conditions, and please be clear about your actual working pressure and then select the right hydraulic hose. If any questions about hydraulic hose selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us to get some suggestions.

Failed Hydraulic Hose Impulse Testing

hydraulic hose impulse testing
hydraulic hose impulse testing

The hydraulic hose impulse testing is an important hydraulic hose test, used to predict the lifespan of the hydraulic hose, and other wear hydraulic hose accessories in the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic hose impulse testing has been 3 days, experiencing the repeated impulse curves again and again, up to 40,000 times. The pressure impulse test consists of flow pressurized hydraulic fluids through the hydraulic hose inside.

The impulse testing equipment can stretch and curve the hydraulic hose samples to test the quality. If the hydraulic hose doesn’t pass the impulse testing, that means this hydraulic hose is unqualified.

The imperfect hydraulic hose has the potential harm to leak while conveying hydraulic fluids, so we have to do the hydraulic hose impulse test before loading the finished hydraulic hoses to the shipping container.

How to Fix a Hydraulic Hose Leak?

leaking hydraulic hose
leaking hydraulic hose

To fix a hydraulic hose leak, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure safety: Before performing any repair work, make sure to turn off the power to the hydraulic system and release the pressure in the system. This will help prevent any accidents.
  2. Locate the leak point: Inspect the hydraulic hose to determine the location of the leak. You can identify the leak by observing oil drips or liquid spraying out.
  3. Relieve pressure: If there is any residual pressure in the system, relieve it by activating the pressure relief valve or using the appropriate method recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Remove damaged section: Once the pressure is relieved, use a wrench or pliers to disconnect the affected section of the hose from the fittings. Carefully inspect the hose for any additional damage or wear.
  5. Cut out the damaged area: If the leak is due to a puncture or tear, cut out the damaged portion of the hose using a hose cutter or sharp knife. Make sure to create a clean and straight cut.
  6. Select a replacement hose: Measure the length of the removed section and choose a replacement hydraulic hose of the same type, size, and pressure rating. It’s important to use a hose that is compatible with the hydraulic fluid being used.
  7. Attach fittings: Slide the appropriate fittings onto both ends of the new hose, ensuring a proper fit. Use hose clamps or crimping tools as recommended by the manufacturer to secure the fittings in place.
  8. Install the new hose: Attach one end of the new hose to the fitting on the hydraulic system and the other end to the corresponding fitting. Ensure a tight and secure connection.
  9. Test for leaks: Once the new hose is installed, restore power to the hydraulic system and pressurize it. Carefully inspect the repaired area for any signs of leakage. If there are no leaks, the repair is successful.

Remember, if you are unsure or uncomfortable performing the repair yourself, it is recommended to seek assistance from a qualified professional or hydraulic service technician.


Final Thoughts

The hydraulic hose leak is a hydraulic hose failure, resulting from different factors. And these are some popular factors above, if you have any other questions about the hydraulic hose leakage, please free to contact us at any time. Welcome to ask for Free hydraulic hose samples now!

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