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How to Repair A Hydraulic Hose? [5 Steps to Fix Hydraulic Hose]

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Today I am happy to share with you guys how to fix a hydraulic hose.


For the construction building, the hydraulic hose is basically important equipment used, and the hydraulic hose will be installed and applied for many types of vehicles, machines, equipment, such as trucks, lift cranes, and other heavy-duty machinery, including building machinery, mine machinery, petroleum machinery and etc. 

The hydraulic hose is quite durable and reliable for the construction project, but you would find that some problems happen, such as wastage, spoilage, breakdown because of long-time drive serive life. 

Finally, the hydraulic hose would leak, or break as time goes by, resulting in some overloaded working problems, like decreased production, increased cost and even some hazards to cause environmental pollution because of the hydraulic fluid leakage. 

So we have to find a way to repair the hydraulic hose if you find something abnormal on the hydraulic hose. 

Here are some easy steps helping you fix a hydraulic hose in the following:

Identify the Right Hydraulic Hose

identity hydraulic hose
identity hydraulic hose

Here are many different types of hydraulic hoses on the market, and heavy equipment will use different hydraulic hoses at the same time, because of the different functions required. And each hydraulic hose requires different pressure tolerance, so it is basically important to choose the right hydraulic hose for your equipment. 

Don’t install the wrong hydraulic hose with the wrong specifications for the hydraulic project, and keep in mind that it is very dangerous to use an incorrect hydraulic hose, even temporarily. Please be serious about selecting the hydraulic hose. And don’t be hesitate to consult your hydraulic hose engineer if you have any questions about the hydraulic hose selection. 

Remove the Damaged Hydraulic Hose

damaged hydraulic hose
damaged hydraulic hose

If you finish the hydraulic hose selection step, and then you need to remove the damaged hydraulic hose from the hydraulic equipment, to cut off the damaged area of the hydraulic hose pipe. If you find the hydraulic hose is leaking, you have to remove the whole hydraulic hose with the leaking hole. 

And then you need to clean the hydraulic hose removed, to make it tidy and clean, without any dirt, dust, oil contamination, and greasy dirt. Because the dirt like this could contaminate the hydraulic fluid, making it unpure. 

So please be sure that the hydraulic hose and hydraulic hose fittings are clean before proceeding to repair the hydraulic hose. 

Seal Hydraulic Hose 

hydraulic hose protector covering
hydraulic hose protector covering

Don’t forget to wrap the hydraulic hose using the spiral hose guard, or fire sleeve to protect the hydraulic hose after the maintenance process. Choosing the right hydraulic hose protector can keep the hydraulic hose stay safe during its service life, and it is also important to expand the hydraulic hose life span, up to 3-5 years. 

If you have some questions about the selection of spiral guard for hose, fire sleeve protector, please feel free to contact us at any time if you need help. 

Consult Hydraulic Hose Protector

Replace A New Hydraulic Hose

new hydraulic hose
new hydraulic hose

After identifying the warning signs of the hydraulic hose breakage, then you need to replace a new hydraulic hose after removing the bad one. And a hydraulic hose adapter is required to install the repaired hydraulic hose. The memo is that you need to prepare some substitute hydraulic hoses in your toolbox for hydraulic hose replacement if needed. 

Please choose the right length of the hydraulic hose, longer is much better than shorter. You can cut off the damaged area once if you find some problems in a certain area. 

During the installation, please use the proper wrench to screw the new hydraulic hose to the hydraulic equipment, and you can install the hydraulic hose fittings to the hydraulic hose pipe head before installing them to the machine. 

Screw the hydraulic hose fittings in the opposite direction using the wrenches to tighten the hydraulic hose fittings, to avoid that hydraulic hose would get loose in the future. 

Check Hydraulic Hose Pressure 

test hydraulic pressure
test hydraulic pressure

The checking step is also important, you need to check the hydraulic pressure using the pressure gauge or pressure meter to test that if the hydraulic hose can work well. 

Please turn on the hydraulic system to let it work to simulate daily working status, and then circulate the hydraulic fluid at the low pressure. This method can recognize the leaking position of the hydraulic hose, to find the potential leaking points or other damaged areas. 

Of course, we need to test the leaking problems, again and again, to ensure that the hydraulic system can work well without any leaking problems. 

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