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Hydraulic Hose by the Foot: Commonly Used Hydraulic Hose Measurement in English-speaking Countries

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As we all know the “foot” is the measurement unit used to calculate the object length, and here we have the hydraulic hose by the foot, to measure the hydraulic hose length following the standard measurement rule.

Today I will share with you the basics about the hydraulic hose by the foot.

What Is Foot in Length?

Foot, plural feet, it’s the unit for measurement length, and 1 foot equals commonly 25 to 34 cm, based on the length of the human foot. And the “foot” is widely used in English-speaking countries, and 1 foot equals 12 inches or one-third yard.

For the hydraulic hose industry, the hydraulic hose can be measured by the foot, here we can tell you the accurate length by the foot.

Foot, Inch, and M Conversions

Here you can use the unit conversion tool to convert the length unit for the measure.

  • 1 foot = 12 inches
  • 1 foot is approximately 0.3 meters

Here, we will provide the measuring method to meet your requirement based on your preferences in your country. Each hydraulic hose can be manufactured to your desired length by the foot.

Our Hydraulic Hose by the Foot

SAE 100R1AT DIN EN853 1SN Hydraulic Hose

SAE 100R1 Hydraulic Hose by the foot

This is the SAE 100R1 hydraulic hose, consisting of three layers of materials, including

Tube: Oil-resistant synthetic rubber

Reinforcement: One high tensile steel wire braid

Cover: Oil and weather-resistant synthetic rubber

Final Thought

If you are looking for the hydraulic hose by the foot, and please feel free to contact me at any time.

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