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Hydraulic Hose Color Code

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Hydraulic hoses are an essential component of hydraulic systems, transferring fluid between components. To ensure the safe and efficient operation of these systems, it is important to properly identify the hoses and their contents. This is where hydraulic hose color codes come in.

Hydraulic hoses have many applications, such as mechanical systems, industrial fields, and agricultural uses, and the hydraulic hose is widely applied for working conditions that require delivering fluids, gasoline, oils, etc.

And hydraulic hoses differ in functions in any system, from low, medium to high-pressure applications, so it is important to identify the proper hydraulic hose that is suitable for the hydraulic project.

What Is the Hydraulic Hose Color Code?

To strengthen the understanding of the hydraulic system, Joint Industry Conference (JIC) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) establish the hydraulic hose color code.

The color coding of the hydraulic hose is super helpful for you to identify the hydraulic hose.

hydraulic hose color coding

Hydraulic hose color codes are typically a combination of stripes or bands of color that indicate the type of fluid inside the hose. These codes can vary from country to country, but generally, the most common colors used include:

Here is the meaning of the specific hydraulic hose color code:


Often used for the pipe that runs from the pump to the pressure relief valve to the first part that restricts the flow, this symbol denotes the operation system pressure of the fluid.


The color blue is used to indicate that the fluid is unrestricted and that there is little fluid pressure.


Green signifies the intake of fluid from the reservoir to the pump.


Yellow means the controlled fluid flow after it passed through the restriction valve.


Orange shows the fluids that have been reduced from the system pressure, such as the fluids of pressure regulated valve.


Violet indicates the increased fluid pressure resulted from the amplified system pressure.


White shows the fluid pressure in the system is zero or no pressure.

What Is the Hydraulic Hose Color Used for?

hydraulic hose color code

The hydraulic hose color code is widely used in hydraulic circuit schematics, and the color coding of the hydraulic hose can be printed on the hydraulic hose layline based on the specific pressure ratings, and different hydraulic hoses with different color codes can be used to match the specific requirement.

It is important to note that different industries and applications may have their own unique color codes, so it is always best to consult the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you are using the correct color code.

In conclusion, hydraulic hose color codes play an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of hydraulic systems. By using the correct color code, operators can quickly and easily identify the contents of a hose and avoid potential hazards.

Final Thought

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