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Hydraulic Hose Cover: Ultimate to Hydraulic Hose Structure

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The hydraulic hose cover is playing an important role in the whole hydraulic hose pipe, and this is the ultimate guide to the hydraulic hose cover.

Hydraulic Hose Structure

hydraulic hose structure
hydraulic hose structure

The hydraulic hose cover is an important part of the hydraulic hose structure, also called hydraulic hose outer cover, made of synthetic rubber material.

The hydraulic hose cover has different thicknesses, to give different diameters to the hydraulic hose.

Hydraulic Hose Cover Thickness

hydraulic hose cover
hydraulic hose cover

Here, the skive hydraulic hose is designed with a thicker hydraulic hose cover compared with the no-skive hydraulic hose. You can get the difference between skive vs no-skive hydraulic hose. Yes, the big difference between them is the hydraulic hose cover thickness.

Tough Cover Hydraulic Hose

tough hydraulic hose cover
tough hydraulic hose cover

The tough cover hydraulic hose cover is made of synthetic rubber, and its inner tube is used to convey the hydraulic fluids with flexibility. And the tough cover is made of proprietary synthetic rubber that has excellent abrasion resistance, compared with the regular standard hydraulic hose. So the super tough cover hydraulic hose is designed with super abrasion resistance. 

And the synthetic rubber material for making a hydraulic hose cover is slightly different from an inner tube, and the inner tube must be oil-resistant, due to direct touch to the hydraulic fluids.

And the hydraulic hose cover rubber material has to be weather-resistant, because the hydraulic hose cover is exposed to the sun and rain all the time, and you can wrap the hydraulic hose cover using the hydraulic hose protector, to ensure its service life.

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Hydraulic Hose Cover Cloth

hydraulic hose cover cloth
hydraulic hose cover cloth

The hydraulic hose cover cloth can be made of Nylon cloth, used to protect the hydraulic hose. The Nylon hydraulic hose cover cloth sleeve can offer great protection and flexibility to wrap the hydraulic hose. 

The hydraulic hose cover cloth can be used to make hydraulic hose wrap protectors, and the urethane-coated ballistic nylon material as the material to make hydraulic hose sleeve can keep hydraulic hose pipe safe all the time, to give the excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, weather resistance, and temperature resistance. 

So this functional hose cover cloth can be widely applied for hose protection, and also other cables, tubes. You can use a hose sleeve like this to protect them when they are exposed to a disgusting environment. 

Here we offer various types of hydraulic hose protectors for hydraulic hose of different sizes, and please feel free to contact us at any time to get Free samples. 

Hydraulic Hose Cover Cloth

Hydraulic Hose Protective Cover

hydraulic hose protective cover
hydraulic hose protective cover

Here are multiple types of hydraulic hose protective cover, used to wrap the hydraulic hose outer cover to provide hydraulic hose protection, to avoid some potential hydraulic hose damages.

Spiral hose guard and fire sleeve is the widely used hydraulic hose protective cover in the market,

Final Thoughts

Please don’t be hesitate to contact us to ask us anything about the hydraulic hose cover.

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