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3/8″ Hydraulic Hose [Hydraulic Hose Size Guide]

This is the complete guide of 3/8″ hydraulic hose, and you can get your desired 3/8″ hydraulic hose pipe from Kingdaflex. And I am happy to share with you all about the 3/8″ hydraulic hose, also 3/4″ hydraulic hose.

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The first important step is to determine the size of the hydraulic hose before the hydraulic hose assemblies for your hydraulic system. The hydraulic hose measurement can help you with this step.

Here are multiple sizes for a hydraulic hose that can be made during the hydraulic hose manufacturing process, and 3 8 hydraulic hose is the popular hydraulic hose size that is widely applied for various hydraulic equipment.

So here is the complete guide of the 3 8 hydraulic hose.

Let’s dive into it!

Hydraulic Hose Size Chart

hydraulic hose size chart
hydraulic hose size chart

You will see the hydraulic hose size chart while viewing the detailed page of the hydraulic hose, which is basically important for you to select your desired hydraulic hose for your hydraulic system.

Here are some specifications of hydraulic hose sizes you can read from the hydraulic hose size chart:

size of hydraulic hose
size of hydraulic hose
  • Outer diameter (O.D.) measures the entire span of the hydraulic hose cross-section, including the tube, reinforcement, and cover. The difference between the O.D. and I.D. is the thickness of the hose wall. Outer diameter is important for sizing the hydraulic hose to match the proper hydraulic hose fittings and other components for hydraulic hose assemblies.
  • Inner diameter (I.D.) is the span of the empty space in a circular hydraulic hose cross-section that affects the flow velocity of the hydraulic fluid within the hose. Wider hydraulic hose inner diameter can get the hydraulic fluid flow slower, so a hose hydraulic with an oversized I.D. will cause sluggish system performance, while an undersized I.D. can cause excessive pressure drops, leaks, and system damage.
  • The thickness of the hydraulic hose is that: The result equals to outer diameter minus inner diameter, and thickness includes inner synthetic rubber layer, steel wire reinforcement layer, and outer synthetic rubber layer. (Related: What Is Hydraulic Hose Is Made of)
  • Wire O.D is the span of the inner tube and reinforcement of the hydraulic hose cross-section, and the raw material, synthetic rubber, is much better than the over, and it can determine the quality of the hydraulic hose. So we use the top-rated synthetic rubber to create this part to work out the best hydraulic hose with high strength and durability.
  • The length of the hydraulic hose defines its maximum reach between end-points. Increasing length can also increase the pressure drop in the system because hose length is a function of head loss due to friction.

3/8″ Hydraulic Hose

3 8 hydraulic hose
3 8 hydraulic hose

3 8 hydraulic hose, 3/8 hydraulic hose, 3/8″ hydraulic hose is the hydraulic hose with 3/8″ (I.D) inner diameter. This size is the most popular, can be applied widely for various hydraulic equipment and machine.

All of the hydraulic hoses can be manufactured with a 3/8″ diameter, you can get your desired 3 8 hydraulic hose for your hydraulic system.

What Is Dash Size?

hydraulic hose dash size
hydraulic hose dash size

What is dash size in hose? I believe that this is the asked frequently questions for the hydraulic hose starters.

The dash size is also the method to measure the hydraulic hose size, and the dash size can be converted to inches.

hydraulic hose dash size conversion table
hydraulic hose dash size conversion table

Here is the hydraulic hose dash size conversion table, you can calculate the dash size to inches.

Simply put, the dash size equals an I.D. of a hydraulic hose in 1/16″ increments. For example, a -06 hose would indicate a hose with an I.D. of 6/16″ – or 3/8″.

The hydraulic hose is measured by inside diameter, you need to use the vernier caliper to measure the hydraulic hose, then get the dash size.

Some Popular Hydraulic Hose Sizes

Besides 3/8″ hydraulic hose, there are many other popular hydraulic hose sizes widely applied for the hydraulic industry.

3/4″ hydraulic hose

3 4 hydraulic hose pipe
3 4 hydraulic hose pipe

PS: You can read the hydraulic hose inner diameter scale from the cover of the hydraulic hose because we hydraulic hose manufacturer will print some basic specifications on the surface of the hydraulic hose, get to know the hydraulic hose standard, diameter, and etc.

3/16″ hydraulic hose

So now is the time for you, to read the hydraulic hose size chart. Finally, if you have any questions about the hydraulic hose sizes, please ask us at any time.

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